Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, so Gypsies do steal children.

I will start off today's post the way I ended yesterday's post, by declaring: God, I love being a racist.

Why? Because: Racism saves White lives!

Yesterday we had the story of a White girl who killed herself after being bullied by a mestizo girl who was jealous of the attention the White girl received from a nigger boy the White girl's parents had permitted her to date. Had said parents followed the advice of their racist ancestors and avoided mingling with the subhumans, that White girl would be alive today.

Today we have the story of an unknown, blonde haired, green eyed girl who has been rescued from some thieving filthy gypsies who abducted her.

The mind is boggled by the complex interweaving of racial truths my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY) chose to reveal in this story:
1) The only way the child was spotted was her Whiteness. In other words, solely by the ability to spot racial differences, a child was rescued from her kidnappers. How do those who say "There is no such thing as race." respond to this example?
2) Gypsies steal children, because all gypsies are thieves. This stereotype has existed for centuries because it is true. It was only during the investigation of these gypsies for other crimes that the stolen child was spotted. In other words, racial profiling on the part of the police led to this discovery.
3) The gypsies had been using the girl to make money by have her beg in the street. And had it not been begging, it could just have easily been pick pocketing or child prostitution - because that is what filthy fucking gypsies do! Meanwhile, French students are protesting against the deportation of gypsy students who they feel deserve a chance at a better life. But where are the protesters demanding that this White girl get a chance at a life free from the threat of non-White garbage that has invaded Europe?

And now for a bit of anti-White racism from Adryan Arlott: You stupid, good-for-nothing, nigger-loving White people allowed this to happen, along with a thousand other daily atrocities committed against your most vulnerable kin in the lands your ancestors faithfully defended from the dark murdering hordes that encompassed them. On this earth there is no brown skinned human turd I could despise more than I do you pathetic White maggots who have disgraced your heritage and given away your children's inheritance. And this too demonstrates the innate value of racism - for I know that the most debased, most traitorous, and most dangerous thing on this earth is the modern White race. To paraphrase Uncle: the good ones have all been killed, only the inferior remain.

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