Friday, October 04, 2013

Miriam Carey: Shot Dead for Driving while Black [and Crazy]

Details are emerging about the bat-shit crazy Negress who tried to ram her car through the security barricades at the White House yesterday. 32-year-old Miriam Carey was shot dead during the altercation with Capitol Police. Here are the best bits:

1) She thought President Obama was secretly filming her in her apartment for the purposes of broadcasting her life on reality TV. AA says: HAHAHAHA!!! Love everything about it. The funny thing is that nowadays people theoretically can film you in your home through your Smart TV

2) She declared herself the "Prophet of Stamford" Connecticut, and she believed Obama was going to put that city under lock down. AA says: Did she mean like Under the Dome? And, Prophet of Stamford? As in, when she is out of city limits she loses the gift of prophecy?

3) After suffering a head injury last year, she was given a handicapped parking space at her place of employment. A dental hygienist, Carey was terminated from her job after some concerns with her parking habits inconveniencing patients. AA says: Sounds like TNB to me. Maybe that's what prompted her to drive so close to the White House - she just wanted to get the best parking spot possible.

4) She had not paid her condo association fees since August 2010, and owed $1,759 in fees. AA says: More TNB - are we sure this was a crazy nigger and not just a plain old nigger nigger?

5) She did not have a gun. AA says: I can hear Piers Morgan silently weeping for a wasted opportunity. Certainly, he must have been salivating mightily when he learned shots were fired at yesterday's kerfuffle.

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