Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miley's Midget's Malaise

Hollis Jane, in pink on the right, is a midget who is not happy with the way she was treated by Miley Cyrus during the Video Music Awards. (Caution, more ridiculous Miley tongue action ahead.)

From this article quoting the pink midget bear:

[...] "for the first time I felt truly ashamed of being a little person. We were being used simply because we were little. It felt like society still saw us as a joke, despite the fact there is literally nothing different about me other than the fact I am small. ... We can all agree that right now all Miley Cyrus wants to do is make society’s jaw drop. So what’s more “weird” or “freaky” than having little people parading around in your show? " After performing at the VMAs, Jane felt so deeply dehumanized by the experience, that she "walked out of the Barclay Center shaking and crying."

Excellent. You should be ashamed for being a midget - oh, and for degrading yourself for a bit of cash. God, imagine the dwarf funk inside of that inflatable pink bear once Jane was done gah-frumping around inside of it on stage. Probably smelled like vomited Limburger cheese and a tampon that's been in for two weeks. Further quoting Little Bear:

For decades, little people have not been taken seriously and we still continue to not be. As an actress, I am presented with maybe 2% of the 'real' auditions that my average height actress friends are presented with.

Cretin - as you said, the only reason you got this role was because of your height. 0% of your average height actress friends could have gotten that role. Like it or not - you are deformed. How many roles have you been offered as a quadruple amputee or a 600 pound man? Why, you haven't been offered any??? Discrimination!!!

Come on midget-girl - use your midget brain to imagine a world filled with midgets, where a small fraction of people would grow up to be 6 feet tall. What roles would the tall be offered in midget cinema? Giants, monsters, freaks - of course. But consider if these people were not afflicted with crippling limitations (as those with gigantism are in our world), the tall would be envied by the little people. And that is the difference here that proves you are not simply just a smaller person - you are limited. No one in our world wishes to have acromegaly or dwarfism because of the physical limitations associated with those conditions. In a world of people afflicted with acromegaly, the 6-foot-tall would be envied, just as they would be envied in the world of those afflicted with dwarfism.

In other words Jane, you have two choices - either get back into your inflatable stink balloon or fuck off.

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