Wednesday, October 09, 2013

John Constantino: The Uniburner Manifesto

Precious few details have emerged in the case of John Constantino, who set himself on fire on the Washington Mall Friday, the fourth of this month. So, I am going to make some details up. Yes - this is in poor taste. Yes - this is only because I am following up on the story to try and find out if he really was pre-blackened before the fire. So, per my lies - here is his photo, a picture of his favorite movie, and an excerpt from his manifesto.
John Constantino

John Constantino's Favorite Film

John Constantino's Manifesto
If the truth was to be out to the black man, he would have to understand the lie he has been perpetrated. Pres. Obama is Osama bin Laden, they are the same person but one shaved off his beard and they threw the beard off an aircraft carrier to make people think Osama was got by the CIA. Michelle Obama is Oprah Winfrey and she put on a fat suit to be Oprah and take it off to be Michelle. Their children are made from black Styrofoam and midgets that make them go. Every year or two, they add more black Styrofoam to make them grow, and hire a slightly bigger midget.


  1. If this is true, this is quite a find. Looks like some sort of staged neo-terrorist event. Time's Klein blames Tea Party and GOP radicals

  2. Quoting Klein:

    It isn't hard to locate the immediate cause of the shutdown and impending debt-ceiling debacle: the radical nihilist minority of the Republican Party and the GOP's craven leadership. Words should not be minced here. These radicals--it is wildly inaccurate to call them conservatives--are a pestilence feeding on ignorance and cynicism, preying on fear as a period of unprecedented prosperity wanes. They are not the apocalypse but represent the desperate last gasp of the white majority and of an era. My generation's era.

    AA says: Damn that cancer of human history!

    Read more:,9171,2154390,00.html#ixzz2iOyF6JjE