Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Halloween for Darkies

A couple of naive muthas have gotten in trouble for wanting to offer Halloween advice that some have considered racist:
Oh. Ok then.

Oh please, those are terrible ideas! No wonder everyone is mad at you. Let's try CDN's top 3 costume ideas for dark-skinned babies:
1) Coal
2) Excrement
3) Dirt

But remember, be realistic. These objects are inanimate. So it is best to render your dark-skinned baby inanimate as well before putting it in costume. Still not enticed? Here's another classic idea: the tar baby! Remember to completely encase your dark-skinned baby in tar for at least three days prior to Halloween, to get a truly authentic look - though replacing their eyes with buttons should be considered optional.

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  1. Why r u so racist 'Dark skinned babies' shit! Shut your mouth slut!