Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dolly Parton: Menopausal Minstrel

Let us stir the pot CDN-style, shall we?

Historically, Dolly Parton is known for two things. I leave you, gentle reader(s) to decide which two things I am referring to. However, as of today, let those two things be senility and racism.

If you're anything like me, you will need a minute to rinse out your barf bucket after watching that - assuming you could get through the whole debacle. Ask yourself the simplest of questions: Had Parton perpetrated that farce as part of her stage show, without the support of a hulking lesbian ape on the same stage, what would the press say? I believe the phrases "Another Paula Deen" and "Out-of-touch Racist Cracker" would be in gross over-supply. Let us summarize what Dolly Parton did on the Queen Latifa Show:
1) Parton came on stage in a skin-tight body suit, sporting copious bling and an enormous Afro wig.
2) Parton spoke in broken English and gestured in imitation of African American rappers. "Queen Latifah, she da queen."
3) Parton suggested that through excessive gyration she could black both of her eyes with her own breasts. Telling Miley Cyrus that she had "her wrecking balls right here".
4) Parton suggested that Queen Latifah had "not seen tough until [she] messed with the Redneck Mafia".
5) Parton declared herself "The White Trash Princess", and asked who she had to shoot to get out of her song.

To that last line, the audience would have been completely justified to answer in unison, "Yourself, idiot!".


  1. "menopausal" is an ageist word that undercuts your argument that not respecting diversity is wrong.

  2. Yet, calling Parton a "minstrel" and Latifah a "hulking lesbian ape" somehow gave you the impression the point of my posting was that "not respecting diversity is wrong".