Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Parental Advisory from CDN

Some silly busybody in North Dakota has appointed herself the local neighborhood bitch captain by planning to hand out letters to obese children this Halloween, SOURCE. The letters encourage the parents of obese children to address their child's unhealthy eating habits.

Damn that shrew! She totally stole my thunder. I intended to hand out this advisory this Halloween:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Setting fire to black people is wrong, apparently...

Davey Wreden, creator of a somewhat obscure video game called The Stanley Parable, has promised to alter the content of his game after two - count 'em, two! - whole players complained that a scene from the game is raaaaaccciiiist. The scene is quite lovely, showing a stereotypical White man immolating a small Negro boy. Since I like the video so much (and keep replaying it and giggling) we may be quite comfortable that the content is indeed raaaaaccciiiist. However, I will let you, gentle reader(s) judge.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Too Crazy for Krazy Glue

Jennifer Marie Vargas of San Antonio Texas faces criminal charges after tearing open her six-year-old son's scrotum with her own hands, and then trying to glue the scrotum closed with superglue. According to this story, the father came home to find his son with bloody paper towels stuffed in his underpants. The father took his son to the hospital where the boy had to have surgery.

Imagine the court case for this mess! Jennifer Marie Vargas has an open and shut case here. The packaging for Krazy Glue says "All Purpose", so why didn't it work on the kid's scrotum? Talk about a shoddy product. You can hold a construction worker glued to a steel beam, but you can't help close a torn scrotum!?!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chinese Decapitation Stereotype

Years ago, I recorded a CDN segment about the predilection of crazy Chinese murderers to chop off their victims heads. The piece was called "Bad Week for Body Parts". Take a listen:

Stereotypes form because they have some basis in reality. The degree of reality varies, but invariably, there is some truth to be found. "Bad Week for Body Parts" was partly inspired by the story of a Chinese student at Virginia tech (Haiyang Zhu) who decapitated another Chinese student (Xin Yang) in January of 2009. Four months prior, a Chinese man (Vince Weiguang Li) decapitated a white passenger (Tim McLean) on a Greyhound bus travelling through Manitoba. And today we have this story (quoting):

The maniac who butchered a Brooklyn mom and her four young kids confessed that he did it because he was jealous of their way of life [...] Ming Dong Chen, 25, an illegal alien from China, was nabbed [...]as he fled out the front door by two detectives [...] Inside, cops found a house of horrors in which all five victims were hacked to death and one — a 1-year-old boy — was decapitated, the source said. Police have identified the victims as mother Qiao Zhen Li, 37, and her children: William Zhuo, 1; Kevin Zhuo, 5; Amy Zhuo, 7; and Linda Zhuo, 9.

I won't go further in arguing whether or not the decapitation stereotype is factual. But I do want to take this opportunity to thank Chinese men for proving that even if all guns were banned in American, horrifying murders (in some cases mass) will still occur.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't give us Carrabba's

What is it with restaurant customers committing hate crimes instead of tipping? Recently, we had the story of Red Lobster nigger waitress Toni Jenkins, who (supposedly) found the word nigger scrawled upon a receipt in place of a tip. And today we showcase this story, of a faggot waiter from Carrabba's who was left a lengthy, homo-hating diatribe instead of a tip. Quoting the diatribe:

"Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD. [Faggots] do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours," the customer wrote. "We hope you will see the tip your [fag] choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly. It is never too late for GOD's love, but none shall be spared for [faggotry]. May GOD have mercy on you."
I have many questions about this story:
1) Just how long was the bill? Was he serving the entire Westboro Baptist Church?
2) What magnifying glass did he have to use to read all that on the tip line?
3) The waiter's mother is the hostess of the restaurant - are we sure she didn't pocket the tip and leave the note as a way of discouraging her son's behavior?
4) Are we sure the waiter isn't copycatting the Toni Jenkins incident to drum up sympathy?
5) Why did the customers not have a problem with the faggot touching their food, but they were so disgusted as to not leave him a tip?
6) How did the customers know he was a faggot? Did he toss their salad before he tossed their salad?
7) Did he pop the cork of the wine bottle using his butt cheeks?
8) Did he sodomize himself with the pepper grinder?
9) Did he take them to the booth with a glory hole carved into the wall?
10) Did he offer them his home-made white sauce?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Proof: Not all immigration is bad.

Meet Ukrainian Pavlo Lapshyn, 25, who (quoting) "was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 40 years at the Old Bailey today for killing Mohammed Saleem and causing the three blasts because he hated 'non-whites'."

Dear Pavlo,
Thank you for trying to make the Western World a better place in your own unique way. 
Please enjoy your stay in Britain.
Adrean Arlott

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What was Philip Chism Drawing?

There are new details in the case of the Negro student who murdered his teacher at Danvers High School on Tuesday the 22nd. MSM sources are reporting that the Negro, Philip Chism, used a box cutter to slash the throat of his teacher Colleen Ritzer. Now where have we heard of box-cutter-wielding brown people causing trouble? Time for the gov'ment to step in and keep us safe. I mean, imagine how many boxes Chism could have opened if he had gotten his paws on a semi-automatic box cutter!

Another strange detail - a fellow student claims that on the day of the murder, Chism spent his time drawing in his notebook, rather than completing his worksheet assignment in Ritzer's class. Quoting this article:

Ms. Ritzer noticed, but instead of getting mad at the student for being off task, [the student] said [Ritzer] expressed interest in the fact Chism could draw. "She connected with all of her students, so she knew if something was wrong or if you needed help with anything..."

So, what did Chism draw that would later prompt him to murder the teacher who saw what he was doing? Here are some possibilities:

Too Obvious? Let's try...

Too Political? How about a self/presidential portrait...

Not accurate enough? Perhaps this...
We might be over-estimating the kid's talent. He might not be that skilled...

 Still too skilled for him? Could be this...

  Yikes. One could understanding why someone would kill to hide this thing from the public.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Philip Chism: Another of Obama's Sons

And this one is a dead ringer for the mulatto-in-chief! Philip Chism, 14, is accused of having murdered a 24-year-old High School teacher, Colleen Ritzer, in Danvers Massachusetts. Reports say Chism bludgeoned Ritzer to death in a school bathroom, then carried her body outside and dumped her in the woods.

Let's run through some possible scenarios, a couple of which are already being bandied around on the internets.
1) Lover's Quarrel: In this day and age of promiscuous female teachers statutory raping their male students, this possibility cannot be overlooked. Which is not to disparage Ritzer - yet.
2) Indirect Lover's Quarrel: One theory in the comments section at the link above is that Ritzer was having an affair with the soccer coach, who instructed Chism to dispose of the body. Again, not disparaging anyone yet.
3) Chimp Out: Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of darkies? Bad grade, perceived slight, practice for gangsta life, spurned advances, covering up another crime, wrong place at wrong time - all are possible.
4) More New Black Standard of Sanity: Perhaps this is the next wave of crazy Negro behavior following Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, and John Constantino.
5) Bullying: Perhaps Philip Chism was striking back against the world after years of being taunted as "Fill Up Jism". If had had just hung on a few more years, he would have had a great nickname for his gay porn career.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dolly Parton: Menopausal Minstrel

Let us stir the pot CDN-style, shall we?

Historically, Dolly Parton is known for two things. I leave you, gentle reader(s) to decide which two things I am referring to. However, as of today, let those two things be senility and racism.

If you're anything like me, you will need a minute to rinse out your barf bucket after watching that - assuming you could get through the whole debacle. Ask yourself the simplest of questions: Had Parton perpetrated that farce as part of her stage show, without the support of a hulking lesbian ape on the same stage, what would the press say? I believe the phrases "Another Paula Deen" and "Out-of-touch Racist Cracker" would be in gross over-supply. Let us summarize what Dolly Parton did on the Queen Latifa Show:
1) Parton came on stage in a skin-tight body suit, sporting copious bling and an enormous Afro wig.
2) Parton spoke in broken English and gestured in imitation of African American rappers. "Queen Latifah, she da queen."
3) Parton suggested that through excessive gyration she could black both of her eyes with her own breasts. Telling Miley Cyrus that she had "her wrecking balls right here".
4) Parton suggested that Queen Latifah had "not seen tough until [she] messed with the Redneck Mafia".
5) Parton declared herself "The White Trash Princess", and asked who she had to shoot to get out of her song.

To that last line, the audience would have been completely justified to answer in unison, "Yourself, idiot!".

Monday, October 21, 2013

Devolution is real.

Come with me, gentle reader(s), as together we peer through the looking glass, and steal a glimpse of the world of tomorrow, today.

Above we have a picture of West Orange High School seniors Semone Adkins and Travjuan "Bubba" Hunter, who were crowned homecoming king and queen of their school. These two Florida students made history after being crowned the first dual-Negro, dual-Down's-Syndrome homecoming king and queen.

This gentle reader(s) is the future of America: retarded gorilla royalty presiding over America's primitive tribal rituals. But what will happen when we run out of diverse things to make the "first of something"? Let's consult the West Orange High School Homecoming King and Queen Roster for the answer:

2013: First Nigger Mongoloid Couple
2014: First Beaner Midget Couple
2015: First Transgendered Nigger Couple
2016: First Beaner Human-Centipede Couple
2017: First Chinese Incestous Brother and Pregnant Sister Couple
2018: First Non-Human with Beastiality-Practicing Paraplegic Couple
2019: First Blind Child Rapist w/ Mongoloid Victim Couple
2020: First Retarded Lesbian Furry Scat-Fancying Couple
2021: First Necrophiliac with Corpse Couple
2022: First Retarded Paraplegic Conjoined Incestuous Nigger Couple
2023: Last White Couple in Florida (Human Sacrifice at Half-Time)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Minaj a Twat

Being labelled racist takes a mere fraction of a second to occur, but never goes away. The accusation alone carries its own weight - just that it happened is enough to condemn the labelled. And so, let us welcome the newest member of our racist family: Nintendo. And in so doing, we will also learn today's contorted definition of racism.

Nicki Minaj is some sort of synthetic negroidal monkey transvestite that "sings" and "dances" for the capitalistic goals of her kike handlers. Along the way, she happened to make a song in which she said the N-word, which is nigger, as in "Damn, Nicki Minaj is one fucked up nigger tranny." Nintendo then put this song in one of their dance games, most likely because Engrish is their second language. So when the public was exposed to adverts for the game featuring Minaj spouting the word nigger - just who is to be blamed? Well, when dealing from a deck stacked with race cards, nigger trumps Jap, so Nintendo is being castigated.

Who would have expected such behavior from a company with a sewer-dwelling wop as their mascot?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, so Gypsies do steal children.

I will start off today's post the way I ended yesterday's post, by declaring: God, I love being a racist.

Why? Because: Racism saves White lives!

Yesterday we had the story of a White girl who killed herself after being bullied by a mestizo girl who was jealous of the attention the White girl received from a nigger boy the White girl's parents had permitted her to date. Had said parents followed the advice of their racist ancestors and avoided mingling with the subhumans, that White girl would be alive today.

Today we have the story of an unknown, blonde haired, green eyed girl who has been rescued from some thieving filthy gypsies who abducted her.

The mind is boggled by the complex interweaving of racial truths my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY) chose to reveal in this story:
1) The only way the child was spotted was her Whiteness. In other words, solely by the ability to spot racial differences, a child was rescued from her kidnappers. How do those who say "There is no such thing as race." respond to this example?
2) Gypsies steal children, because all gypsies are thieves. This stereotype has existed for centuries because it is true. It was only during the investigation of these gypsies for other crimes that the stolen child was spotted. In other words, racial profiling on the part of the police led to this discovery.
3) The gypsies had been using the girl to make money by have her beg in the street. And had it not been begging, it could just have easily been pick pocketing or child prostitution - because that is what filthy fucking gypsies do! Meanwhile, French students are protesting against the deportation of gypsy students who they feel deserve a chance at a better life. But where are the protesters demanding that this White girl get a chance at a life free from the threat of non-White garbage that has invaded Europe?

And now for a bit of anti-White racism from Adryan Arlott: You stupid, good-for-nothing, nigger-loving White people allowed this to happen, along with a thousand other daily atrocities committed against your most vulnerable kin in the lands your ancestors faithfully defended from the dark murdering hordes that encompassed them. On this earth there is no brown skinned human turd I could despise more than I do you pathetic White maggots who have disgraced your heritage and given away your children's inheritance. And this too demonstrates the innate value of racism - for I know that the most debased, most traitorous, and most dangerous thing on this earth is the modern White race. To paraphrase Uncle: the good ones have all been killed, only the inferior remain.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Teenage Suicide: Just Do It

In passing, I had heard the story of Rebecca Sedwick, a 12-year-old who threw herself off a water tower after being chronically bullied by a couple of teenage girls (Katelyn Roman, 12, left, and Guadalupe Shaw, 14, right) who had called her "fat" and "ugly" and encouraged her to kill herself. I admit I paid little attention, as these events are far too common, and get far too much attention already. Regardless, had you asked me my opinion this morning of what should be done in the case, I would have said it was justice if the law permitted that the bullies were thrown off the same water tower their victim had jumped off. But that was this morning, before I saw this, a picture of Rebecca Sedwick and her ex-boyfriend, John Borgen, 13, (who happens to be Gaudalupe's current boyfriend):

And with this picture comes news that Borgen was at the center of a puppy-love-triangle that fueled the bullying in the first place. So if you ask me this evening my opinion on the case, I have this to say: Muchas Gracias, Guadalupe! You have done the White race a favor by hounding a budding young mudshark to her death. Is that harsh? Indeed. Too harsh? IDGAF. Which is, incidentally, what Guadalupe posted in response to news of Sedwick's death. And to Sedwick's parents I say: You got what you deserved. Had you told your daughter to stick with her own kind, none of this might have happened.

God, I love being a racist.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tom Stiglich: Flag Hag

Cartoonist Tom Stiglich has compared the Redskins logo to the Nazi party flag and the Confederate flag. See below:

Whoa - the hyperbole police are on their way to Tom's house at this very moment. Stiglich didn't just break Godwin's Law, he rounded it up at gunpoint, put it on a train to a concentration camp, took its shoes and eyeglasses, shaved it's head, gassed it to death in a delousing chamber, buried its body, dug up its body several years later and then cremated the body before the Allies found it.

Let's take Stiglich's concept, but try being truthful. Forgive me, I know being truthful is quite novel in this day and age. Please see below.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nappy Headed (White) Hos

How do you make an ugly old white woman uglier? Give her a black hairstyle. Take a look HERE. I will post a few pics below for giggles.
"You gonna finish that watermelon?"

 You seen my gran'baby-daddy?

I know you did not just tell me how to raise my gran'child!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Washington Thinskins

As I once said during a segment of my internet radio show, there are no degrees of racism. There is only racism at one end of the two-point scale, and good think at the other end. Case in point, Bob Costas has weighed in on the matter of the social acceptability of the name "The Washington Redskins", declaring:

"It is an insult, a slur, no matter now benign the present-day intent [...]"

Therefore Bob, the only difference between the name The Washington Redskins, and say, The Washington Scalpers, is the intent, right?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pee-wee Herman: Kidnapper

The media has been distributing new pictures of a man who may have been involved with the disappearance of the little British girl Madeleine McCann. I would like to know where Paul Reubens was on the day of the abduction.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Simian Biles: Gymnastics Chimp

The female ape pictured above - yes, it claims to be female - yes, I know it looks male - yes, it is revolting - yes, once again, I am sure it claims to be female - no, I don't know whose crystal glassware she stole after dinner -  is Simome Biles, an American gymnast who won some stupid world gymnast award that no one really cares about because it didn't happen at the Olympics. So, if no one cares about it, why is it headline news? Because a fellow competitor, Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito, made (and quickly apologized for) a racist comment about Biles, quote: "[...] next time we should also paint our skin black so then we can win, too." Implying that Biles won because the judges were sympathetic to her ape-genetics. Here is a picture of Ferlito, chosen for uh... no particular reason ...

Interesting ... that photo gives one ... ideas ...

Ahem, back to the story. So, two people the vast majority of the world knows nothing about are now in the headlines because the White one said something rude (which may or may not be true) about the black one. Another object lesson for young White people. Keep your mouth shut and your legs o... ahem, I digress.

I do not follow The Sports. I believe athletic sports are substitutes for combat arena sports which were substitutes for actual combat. The flags, pageantry, mascots, hero worship, and team color(ed)s are the same for all three fields. They trigger something primal and tribal that is amplified in crowds. In the Cult of Diversity, we are instructed to put aside color/ethnicity/nationality and focus solely on the state/country that funds the team. Thus, sub-Saharan Africans and their mixed breed offspring heavily populate sports teams that were once representative of European ethnicities and nations. We all know (but few dare admit) that this is because these darker people are physically more bestial, with higher levels of androgens and resultant higher muscle mass (I suspect even among their females) that is adaptively beneficial for a society that puts high emphasis on The Sports. Problem is, some Whities are willing to point out their discomfort with darkie-over-representation on their national teams (usually with a tossed banana or two), or in this case when they feel a darkie was judged more favorably so she could be the first darkie to achieve xyz. But what to do about it?

May I suggest:
1) The only team sport White youth should be participating in is same-race, heterosexual, no-prophylactic orgies.
2)  That we, as a people, award medals and financial prizes based on the size, health, and racial desirability of offspring delivered 9 months after these events.
3)  That we broadcast these events so we may cheer on our favorite national teams.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miley's Midget's Malaise

Hollis Jane, in pink on the right, is a midget who is not happy with the way she was treated by Miley Cyrus during the Video Music Awards. (Caution, more ridiculous Miley tongue action ahead.)

From this article quoting the pink midget bear:

[...] "for the first time I felt truly ashamed of being a little person. We were being used simply because we were little. It felt like society still saw us as a joke, despite the fact there is literally nothing different about me other than the fact I am small. ... We can all agree that right now all Miley Cyrus wants to do is make society’s jaw drop. So what’s more “weird” or “freaky” than having little people parading around in your show? " After performing at the VMAs, Jane felt so deeply dehumanized by the experience, that she "walked out of the Barclay Center shaking and crying."

Excellent. You should be ashamed for being a midget - oh, and for degrading yourself for a bit of cash. God, imagine the dwarf funk inside of that inflatable pink bear once Jane was done gah-frumping around inside of it on stage. Probably smelled like vomited Limburger cheese and a tampon that's been in for two weeks. Further quoting Little Bear:

For decades, little people have not been taken seriously and we still continue to not be. As an actress, I am presented with maybe 2% of the 'real' auditions that my average height actress friends are presented with.

Cretin - as you said, the only reason you got this role was because of your height. 0% of your average height actress friends could have gotten that role. Like it or not - you are deformed. How many roles have you been offered as a quadruple amputee or a 600 pound man? Why, you haven't been offered any??? Discrimination!!!

Come on midget-girl - use your midget brain to imagine a world filled with midgets, where a small fraction of people would grow up to be 6 feet tall. What roles would the tall be offered in midget cinema? Giants, monsters, freaks - of course. But consider if these people were not afflicted with crippling limitations (as those with gigantism are in our world), the tall would be envied by the little people. And that is the difference here that proves you are not simply just a smaller person - you are limited. No one in our world wishes to have acromegaly or dwarfism because of the physical limitations associated with those conditions. In a world of people afflicted with acromegaly, the 6-foot-tall would be envied, just as they would be envied in the world of those afflicted with dwarfism.

In other words Jane, you have two choices - either get back into your inflatable stink balloon or fuck off.

Friday, October 11, 2013

He's no von Trotha

Over a century ago, Prussian general Lothar von Trotha issued orders that led to what is now considered the genocide of a group of niggers in Namibia.

I, the great general of the German soldiers, send this letter to the Hereros [Namibian niggers]. The Hereros are German subjects no longer. They have killed, stolen, cut off the ears and other parts of the body of wounded soldiers, and now are too cowardly to want to fight any longer. [...] The Herero nation must now leave the country. If it refuses, I shall compel it to do so with the 'long tube' (cannon). Any Herero found inside the German frontier, with or without a gun or cattle, will be executed. I shall spare neither women nor children. I shall give the order to drive them away and fire on them. Such are my words to the Herero people.

Oh, for the good old days.

Over a century later, a descendant of the German colonists von Trotha defended stands accused of murdering a nigger poacher and said nigger's hunting dogs. For this alleged offense, the accused is being compared to Lothar von Trotha. Karl Eichhoff, 31, is said to have shot the poacher, Axarob Slinger, who was trespassing on Eichhoff's parent's farm. 

Further, Eichhoff is accused of concealing Slinger's body (as well as the corpse's of Slinger's dogs) in an aardvark burrow on the farm. This has prompted the family of Slinger to publicly declare:

1) What is the meaning of burying a human being with dogs, does that mean we are all dogs.
No, it means you are subhuman ape creatures worthy of being buried with your mangy dogs. 

2) Let them do the funeral arrangements, they should pay for everything.
Hello - according to you Eichhoff already buried Slinger once, why should he do so again?

3) We demand custody of that farm with immediate effect.
Damn, you niggers sure go straight for Whitie's wallet. Must be force of habit.
Interesting ideas of justice they have in Namibia. Can you imagine if every time a nigger capped a Whitie in the United States, the family of said Whitie demanded the property of said nigger's parents? What in God's name would they pay with, gold teeth?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Grandpa Gangsta

Here's proof that a nigger is never too old to attempt a drive-by shooting. Roy Smith, an 84-year-old Negro, has been arrested after he was accused of waving a gun at anti-Obama protesters. The group of female protesters were posting signs calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

Take a look at his mugshot. So, this elder ape lugs around an oxygen tank and a handgun at the same time? Yikes. The protesters also claimed Roy Smith splashed them with an unknown liquid. Nice - I wonder how full his piss bag was once the cops arrested him?

Question is, where is President Obama now that one of his acolytes needs him? Come on Barry - get up in front of the teleprompter and tell the nation that Roy Smith could have been your grandfather.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

John Constantino: The Uniburner Manifesto

Precious few details have emerged in the case of John Constantino, who set himself on fire on the Washington Mall Friday, the fourth of this month. So, I am going to make some details up. Yes - this is in poor taste. Yes - this is only because I am following up on the story to try and find out if he really was pre-blackened before the fire. So, per my lies - here is his photo, a picture of his favorite movie, and an excerpt from his manifesto.
John Constantino

John Constantino's Favorite Film

John Constantino's Manifesto
If the truth was to be out to the black man, he would have to understand the lie he has been perpetrated. Pres. Obama is Osama bin Laden, they are the same person but one shaved off his beard and they threw the beard off an aircraft carrier to make people think Osama was got by the CIA. Michelle Obama is Oprah Winfrey and she put on a fat suit to be Oprah and take it off to be Michelle. Their children are made from black Styrofoam and midgets that make them go. Every year or two, they add more black Styrofoam to make them grow, and hire a slightly bigger midget.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I will pet him and keep him and call him George.

From the Daily Mail Online we have this story of a friendly dog who tries to cozy up to a Mongoloid toddler who wants nothing to do with him. Tell me again how people with Down's Syndrome are especially loving and kind - I am not buying it.

Here are some captions for this picture:
1) Seriously kid, that is pretty retarded.
2) Have you accepted Lassie as your personal lord and savior?
3) Look at me, man! Look at me! You're too drunk to drive.
4) Sorry kid, but your mom tied a steak around your neck so I would play with you.
5) You know, you look an awful lot like the kid who pet me too hard when I was a puppy...

Monday, October 07, 2013

The New Black Standard of Sanity UPDATE

In the same week that Negro-Prophetess Miriam Carey was put down like a dog while trying to penetrate a barricade at the White House, another Negro with a death wish ended up setting himself on fire at the National Mall. Please see the picture below. Here's the story.

But wait CDN! The stories online and in the MSM say the man is unidentified, how do you know he is a Negro, and not just char-broiled? AA says: Oh you - my days as Herr Kommandant were not wasted! Believe me, I know. Besides - the facts are seeping out slowly, if you know where to look. There are now reports that Burnie (as I have named him) was indeed a Negro, and had an accomplice who filmed the entire spectacle. At this point, since the MSM seems to want to conceal the details of this case, I feel it is only right for me to start some rumors about this fellow:

Alternative media sources claim the Feds have been testing their new anti-Negro vuvuzela - which emits an ultra high frequency signal that causes Negroes to concentrate a lifetime of chimp outs into one, insane violent act. Also, in what is surely an unrelated report - KFC announced price increases this weekend.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

For the seafood lover who hates niggers UPDATE

Several weeks ago, CDN posted this story, about a Negress (Toni Jenkins) who claims she was the victim of a racial slur written on a Red Lobster receipt (specifically the N-word, which is Nigger, as in "Damn that Nigger waitress is one slow, stank-ass Nigger"). As promised, here is an update to that story:

1) The cracker accused of being an evil raaacist, Devin Barnes, has hired a hand-writing expert to compare the receipt to samples of his writing. The expert apparently claims Devin did not write "Nigger" on the receipt.
2) The nigger, on the other hand, has received over $10,000 from donors online, to make up for the tip she did not receive.

WSMV Channel 4
Now for the thought experiment:
- If Devin wrote Nigger on the receipt, this is a wonderful object lesson for him. The world into which he was born is full of White sheeple who love niggers and hate themselves. These white guilt cousins of his all over the world will pay for a new car for the Negress he offended, just to atone for Devin's actions. To all young Chalkies - learn from this.
- If Devin did not write Nigger on the receipt, this is a wonderful object lesson for him. The world into which he was born is full of White sheeple who love niggers and hate themselves. These white guilt cousins of his all over the world will pay for a new car for the Negress who framed him, just to atone for their ancestors getting one up on the darkies centuries ago. To all young Chalkies - learn from this.

Here is AA's unsolicited advice of the day for young Chalkies:
1) Eat at home whenever possible. It is less expensive, and you are less likely to get food poisoning.
2) Remember to fill out your receipts in total, save them, and always press down so an imprint of your writing ends up on the customer copy. In the age of no carbon copies, this is your best defense.
3) Be racist, but profess anti-racism. Appear to the world around you as a virulent anti-racist, but commit the most racist act of all - when it comes to romance, stick with your own kind (at least several times a day) and DO NOT use birth control. The future will thank you.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Wreadhy? Uh, oh!

Combining four disturibng porn fetishes into one, a 1) teenage 2) beaner 3) cheerleader with 4) Down's Syndrome has been permitted to rejoin her squad (in an honorary capacity), after school officials, citing safety concerns, told her should could not cheer on the field, but only from the stands. NO - I did not make this up. YES - I did pass out briefly while laughing myself silly.

Quoting this article: Brittany Davila, 16 [...] has been cheerleading since junior high, KTRK reported. It’s “her favorite thing to do,” according to her mom. 

AA says: Her other favorite thing to do is potato.

What should we be most thankful for regarding this story? Retard cheerleader's hemlines go all the way to their chubby knees. Otherwise, it kind of ruins the fun of those perving over tight teenage crotches if they have to see some retard's overstuffed quesadilla squishing out of her granny panties.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Miriam Carey: Shot Dead for Driving while Black [and Crazy]

Details are emerging about the bat-shit crazy Negress who tried to ram her car through the security barricades at the White House yesterday. 32-year-old Miriam Carey was shot dead during the altercation with Capitol Police. Here are the best bits:

1) She thought President Obama was secretly filming her in her apartment for the purposes of broadcasting her life on reality TV. AA says: HAHAHAHA!!! Love everything about it. The funny thing is that nowadays people theoretically can film you in your home through your Smart TV

2) She declared herself the "Prophet of Stamford" Connecticut, and she believed Obama was going to put that city under lock down. AA says: Did she mean like Under the Dome? And, Prophet of Stamford? As in, when she is out of city limits she loses the gift of prophecy?

3) After suffering a head injury last year, she was given a handicapped parking space at her place of employment. A dental hygienist, Carey was terminated from her job after some concerns with her parking habits inconveniencing patients. AA says: Sounds like TNB to me. Maybe that's what prompted her to drive so close to the White House - she just wanted to get the best parking spot possible.

4) She had not paid her condo association fees since August 2010, and owed $1,759 in fees. AA says: More TNB - are we sure this was a crazy nigger and not just a plain old nigger nigger?

5) She did not have a gun. AA says: I can hear Piers Morgan silently weeping for a wasted opportunity. Certainly, he must have been salivating mightily when he learned shots were fired at yesterday's kerfuffle.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The New Black Standard of Sanity

A common racist stereotype (that you probably grew up with if you are an American) is that White people are crazier than black people. The observation goes something like - "Have you ever noticed all serial killers are White?" Relevant LINK. Of course, this stereotype was also extended to spree killers, lone nuts, and mass murderers. But times they are a changing. The Browning of America means equal opportunity lunacy. Witness today's excitement at the Capitol, where it has been reported a Negress attempted to drive past a barricade and to use her car to assault police officers. The chimpette had to be put down - but her 18-month old daughter was recovered from the vehicle unharmed. I know - how disappointing.

So far I have heard she is a Somali with mental problems. But I prefer to believe she is just some ghetto welfare queen who got pissed off because the po-po wood-int get out her face. It is just more fun that way.

In keeping with our premise the the color of crazy has gotten decidedly darker, please consider the following:
1) John Allen Muhammad
2) Christopher Dorner
3) Aaron Alexis
4) Maurice Clemmons
5) Omar Thornton
6) Colin Ferguson
7) Lashawn Marten
8) Nathan Dunlap
9) Michael Adebolajo
10) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Don't Crost Me...

I am beginning to think I was born a grumpy old man. What made me grumpy today? Listening to four people hold a conversation while saying "acrost" instead of "across". As in -
Where is that nigger we hired? He is acrost the street.
Do you mean at the methadone clinic? Yes, right acrost from the strip club.
Doesn't he know he should be working? I guess we didn't get that message acrost.
What should we burn on his lawn so that he knows we are not happy with his performance? Acrost.

Ok - that last one was just a joke, and the conversation I heard did not involve a nigger, but I think I got my point acrost. (See how annoying it is?)

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Halloween for Darkies

A couple of naive muthas have gotten in trouble for wanting to offer Halloween advice that some have considered racist:
Oh. Ok then.

Oh please, those are terrible ideas! No wonder everyone is mad at you. Let's try CDN's top 3 costume ideas for dark-skinned babies:
1) Coal
2) Excrement
3) Dirt

But remember, be realistic. These objects are inanimate. So it is best to render your dark-skinned baby inanimate as well before putting it in costume. Still not enticed? Here's another classic idea: the tar baby! Remember to completely encase your dark-skinned baby in tar for at least three days prior to Halloween, to get a truly authentic look - though replacing their eyes with buttons should be considered optional.