Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Was Matthew Shepard a meth dealer/user?

Do you remember Matthew Shepard? He was that faggot who was tied to a fence and beaten to death back in the late 1990's. His miserable fate has made him a martyr to the Queer Culture, and his legend now approaches saint-like status within the Suicide Cult of Diversity.

According to this story, a new book takes aim at the Shepard mythos. Quoting:

Among the book’s claims is that Shepard, 21, knew and socialized with Aaron McKinney, also 21, one of two men convicted of his murder, at least a year before the crime. According to Jimenez’s stated findings in the book, Shepard and McKinney each used and sold crystal meth, both had been involved with an escort service in Denver and Laramie that arranged for them to have sex for money with men, they were seen at the same parties in Laramie, and the two occasionally had sex with each other.

Ha! This is the best news I've heard since it was revealed that Anne Frank's nickname at Bergen-Belsen was Ol' Rimjob Franky.


  1. i somehow stumbled on this while reading about matthew shepard. by the looks of it, not many people do, for which i am extremely please. what a sad, pathetic creature you are. i hope you enjoy rambling your nonsense on the internet in the absence of any loved ones or social life...just don't shoot up the school because of it, kay?

  2. the saddest part is, i expect you'll be thrilled that someone actually left you a comment and gave the reaction you so crave...

  3. Good, embrace your hate! Though not many people pass this way, those who do get to snicker at your dead faggot hero Matthew Shephard. But he's not such a hero now, is he? His death is becoming as meaningless as his life.

    And who's to blame? Me? A "sad, pathetic creature" absent of "loved ones or social life"? Is that what Shephard's death taught you? Hurl abuse at others? Tear others down when you get angry? Cruelty is sometimes deserved? What exactly did you learn while reading about Matthew Shephard? You are just as hate-filled as those who tied Shephard to the fence, you just haven't had your gay panic moment - yet.

    1. U r a stupid asshole..... U will get what's coming to you..... Punk bitch... It's ok if your gay... Just come all the way out the closet u evil bastard

    2. Here it is, 18 months after making this post, and it still manages to tear the mask off the leftists and show how all consuming is their hatred and malice. It has served its purpose well!

      The whole Western world celebrates butt-fuckery as a holy civil rights victory, but one lone dissenter on the internet won't bow to your queer saint. How dare anyone commit such blasphemy! Why aren't rainbow flags, pride parades, and gay marriages enough to make you happy? Why is your soul still so poisoned that the vitriol welling up inside you spills forth in such a confused, impotent, and enraged attack? Perhaps because you are just another burned-out faggot who knows what he is doing is slowly killing his body and soul, but who cannot admit it to himself, and must find enemies to scapegoat. Thank you for again demonstrating that the homosexual agenda is a death cult made up of suicidal perverts who have turned their sexual peculiarity into a social justice crusade.

    3. You know what? It's really time for you to take a gun, put it in your mouth and pull the fucking trigger.

    4. I repeat: Why aren't rainbow flags, pride parades, and gay marriages enough to make you happy? Why is your soul still so poisoned that the vitriol welling up inside you spills forth in such a confused, impotent, and enraged attack? Perhaps because you are just another burned-out faggot who knows what he is doing is slowly killing his body and soul, but who cannot admit it to himself, and must find enemies to scapegoat.

    5. i hope Adrean Arlott dies in a woodchipper. fucking drooling moron shitbag.

    6. I repeat: Why aren't rainbow flags, pride parades, and gay marriages enough to make you happy? Why is your soul still so poisoned that the vitriol welling up inside you spills forth in such a confused, impotent, and enraged attack? Perhaps because you are just another burned-out faggot who knows what he is doing is slowly killing his body and soul, but who cannot admit it to himself, and must find enemies to scapegoat.

  4. Yeah random passer-by, just like Anonymous up there. My my, you sure are evil. Give yourself a little pat on the back for that, dear. I actually encourage you to keep this up; trash like this is just ammo for the other side.

    1. Anonymous 2, do you imagine that I get a great deal of traffic from "the other side" looking for ammunition? Do you imagine that sends a lot of business my way for people to read my "trash" so they can click their tongues in collective disapproval? Well nance, you're not the brightest bulb on the Great White Way.

      Let me tell you the most common search terms that lead to this page:

      matthew shepard tied to fence
      matthew shepard meth
      matthew shepard death photo

      The majority of people who stop here get exactly what they want - a cheap laugh at the expense of meth-dealing faggot Matthew Shepard. That's all the encouragement I need.

  5. Everyone has the right to there opinion areas allott may have different opinions than you but all of ypu that are throwing hate and ignorance back at him are doing the same thing your attacking him for... Mathew shephard was a meth dealer if you know anything this type of thing happens more often then you'd like to know. Why is it that because he's a homosexual drug dealer he's a saint and a staple for the media to dig there Grubby claws into, yet when a father and husband who chops to make a little money to support his family because the fucked up government wants to keep us all down on luck, when he gets murdered it's all good because he was a straight dealer... Come on people stop wasting time on telling people there disgusting for having a different view on the topic from yours.
    Respect for voicing yout opinion my man.

  6. It's funny, in prisons it's always the guys who rant the most about gays that turn out to be closet homosexuals. My gay-dar is going off big-time. I can smell a fellow homosexual a mile away. You're as queer a a football bat, asshole.

    1. The "You Are What You Hate" TV Trope.

      Good to see you have a fundamental grasp of American TV cliches. You do know that the guy who wrote the book claiming Matthew Shepard was a meth dealer is himself a homosexual like you?

      Stop being such a drama queen, and just be a regular queen. I spent less than 100 words to condemn the canonization of Saint Matthew Shepard by the MultiCult. Head down to the bottom of this page and you will see a list of the various things I "rant" about. Queerdom is just one aspect of The Cult of Diversity that is strangling Western Civilization.

  7. Wow. You feel good writing this shit do you? A fucking murderer is less gross then the likes of you! You feel that because you have fucking mouth you can spew out whatever you want. You are the best fucking example of what's wrong with humanity. Go and fucking kill yourself!

    1. I do feel good - I really do. This post is nearly two years old, and yet it still manages to net deranged faggots to show the world how virulently poisonous they truly are. It never fails. Don't you get it? I'm supposed to be the villain, the bad guy. You are supposed to be the rainbow flagging waving champion of love. But no, instead you spew ... "Fuck this, and fuck that, go kill yourself because words with which I disagree are worse than murder!!!" You prove my point exactly. You worthless faggots are hateful, diseased vermin, just like drug dealing, gay prostitute Matthew Sheppard. Saint Meth Head of the Fence Post.

  8. I can't believe that this sick, distorted, sad excuse for a website is here! Should be destroyed!

    1. Yet again, another faggot sticks to the gay fly paper trap, so we can get a good look at just what a little hypocritical insect you are.

      How quickly the oppressed become the new tyrants. The poison is in you, Grand Rainbow Inquisitor. How dare anyone not recognize the self-evident righteousness of your moral position? Such people must be silenced. The product of their labors destroyed. But why stop there? Perhaps you think dissenters should be beaten and tied to a fence as well? Your defense could be "homophobe panic".

  9. I read Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez & wish you had read the book & commented here because you would have offended the gays more.

    Metthew Wayne Shepard (1976-1998) was not the innocent as he has been portrayed by Laramie Project or films like Shepard is a Friend of Mine. Metthew Wayne Shepard was a junky who assoc. with drug dealers in both Colorado & Wyoming, was possibly a drug dealer himself (Methew Wayne Shepard could also possibly have been a drug courier or a lookout, but whether or not he was a drug dealer he did assoc. with drug dealers) & when he was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting 2 boys & he got counseling by Natrona County Juvenile Court for molesting 2 boys. Metthew Wayne Shepard had himself been a victim of child molestation by 3 different people when he was a boy & if he had not been a victim of homosexual pedophiles would he have turned out straight instead of gay?

    I haven’t plead his 2 killers cases other than say that the 2nd man R.A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial & a jury should have decided what to convict him on. Prosecutor could argue why it’s Murder 1, defense can argue why it’s lesser charge of 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter & then jury decides-that is as far as I go with his case is saying he should have gotten a jury trial. R.A. Henderson’s case should be reviewed again on appeal because he wanted a jury trial.

    1. I appreciate your contributions. Please see my response farther down in this thread.

  10. Let’s look @ what we do know about Methew W. Shepard. No matter why the murder happened, the idea that A.J. McKinney and Methew W. Shepard were strangers who did not know eachother until that day is rubbish. There are many witnesses-Doc O’ Connor’s ex girlfriend, Elaine Baker (bartender), M.K. Rohrbacher (drug dealer), Tristan (Ted) Henson (Methew W. Shepard’s former lover) & others who saw them together.

    There are too many witnesses who saw both men together. Of course the witnesses can only say they saw them together and can not know it all. It’s not believed Methew W. Shepard knew the 2nd man (R.A. Henderson) and I agree with Stephen Jimenez that Russell A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial but got bad representation by his lawyers who urged him to take a plea when he wanted a jury trial. Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez Stephen Jimenez’s evidence are 1st party witnesses he interviewed-over 100 of them over 13 years.

    Methew W. Shepard associating with drug dealers in both Wyoming and Colorado is not disputable. Methew W. Shepard went into bars where drugs were sold and he did associate with drug dealers-we know that he went to bars named Tornado, Ranger, Library & other bars in Wyoming and Colorado where drugs were sold. Methew W. Shepard’s friend Tina LaBrie expressing concerns about Methew W. Shepard’s drug and $ problems. We know that Methew W. Shepard was having $ problems (spending so much on limosuine rides in Doc O’ Connor’s limousine).

    Now was Methew W. Shepard’s assocation with drug dealers and going into bars where drugs were sold more than buying drugs ? Was Methew W. Shepard a drug dealer or a drug courier? Stephen Jimenez thinks so and he believes it was the Denver circle. No, Stephen Jimenez does not know it all but his conclusions are sincere and honest. While homosexual groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated and possibly not a hate crime, that is incidental-main reason homosexual groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was. You don’t always know the secrets friends and family have. If a person is a drug dealer, then they are usually not going to tell their friends and family that they do this.

    Even if Metthew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for it. Laramie Project, Shepard Foundation & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard selling drugs and molesting children so their view is rubbish.

  11. Methew Wayne Shepard was a bad person & getting murdered doesn't change that-his parents get rich from money Judy & Dennis make from their speeches & from celebrities such as Ellen, Rosie, etc. who have given them millions to make them rich. Judy L. Shepard got fat from eating in fancy Mexican restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, French restaurants, Russian restaurants, etc., so Judy L. Shepard being fat proves she gets rich exploiting her son. Judy L. Shepard & Logan P. Shepard both got fat by getting rich exploiting Methew W. Shepard's death & then eating in fancy restaurants in their world tours.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley, Cop Regina D. Fluty and Sgt. Rob J. DeBree’s portrayed in Laramie Project and Sheriff O’Malley is a friend of Judy L. Shepard. But their job as cops after to they found M.W. Shepard’s comatose body was to solve M.W. Shepard’s murder and they quickly found and arrested the 2 who did this. After that their job was to help prosecutors prove the 2 guilty of murder which they did. Since M.W. Shepard is dead, he can not be arrested and prosecuted for any crimes he committed before October 1998. I don’t believe the 2 cops investigated whether Methew W. Shepard was a drug dealer because there was no need.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley, Regina D. Fluty and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree all know as cops or former cops that you don’t always know the secrets a person has. All know that most criminals try to keep their crimes secret esp. from friends and family as they don’t want to be caught.

    I don’t think Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree are honest criticizing Stephen Jimenez as bias is meddling with facts especially again as Sheriff O’Malley is a friend of Judy Lynn Shepard. Both Sheriff David S. O’Malley and R.J. DeBree know as cops that they don’t always catch the criminals.

    Sheriff O'Malley & Undersheriff R.J. DeBree can talk of what they found in murder investigation-both men should only talk of the limits of what they found & the murder trial. Both men should say that they did not find in murder investigation proof that Methew W. Shepard was a drug dealer. They should only critique Stephen Jimenez's investigation on what they found in murder investigation because Stephen Jimenez found things.

    You dont always know the secrets a person has in life & Methew W. Shepard had secrets which he kept from his friends & family-his assoc. with drug dealers which is proven. I think Dennis & Judy L. Shepard know this but hate what Stephen Jimenez found.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree know that it’s unlikely Methew W. Shepard told his friends and family that he was a drug dealer, because both have seen many times as cops as how criminals usually keep their crimes a secret esp. from their friends and family. M.W. Shepard kept it a secret. Even if Methew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for it.

  12. Hope you respond to my posts on this topic as you did yesterday to comment I made on that Arizona woman who committed suicide by cops after she tried to stab cops with knife & the dirty gay groups are apologists for this woman because she wanted to be man.

    Most media is either pro-gay & lesbian & or they will write the news to favor homosexuals & transexuals (as most media has done with William Bruce Jenner) because if a reporter writes somethings which offends gay groups, then gay groups complain to a media’s advertisers & if media loses advertisers, then it is bad business. Homosexual groups have targeted Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey such as trying to censor her book ‘Maybe he is not gay’ (homosexuals have even threatened Linda P. Harvey with violence) because Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey is right about the dangers of homosexuality & Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey is right that they must abolish sex change mutilations. Homosexual groups target any journalist who gives views which offend them & they target Mission America radio hostess Linda P. Harvey because Mrs. Linda P. Harvey tells truth which offends gays.

    Homosexual groups target gay journalists Stephen Jimenez for his Book of Matt which offended homosexual groups & have been trying to keep Stephen Jimenez’s Book of Matt from being sold. Honest discussion is discussing & rebutting-not censoring because 1 finds something offensive.

    When I read a gay (transexuals are mutilated gays/lesbians and they must abolish sex changes) bashing case in the news, I wonder what the view is of the journalist reporting this on homosexuality/lesbianism. I also wonder if the journalist is a homosexual or lesbian and if so, are they setting aside their bias and reporting the news with no problems. I do not trust news that I get from Daily Kos or the Huffington Post on their coverage of gay bashing cases because they predictably make the homosexual look like an innocent victim no matter what wrong the gay does.

    Gay bashing victims will face the same public opinion court as gay bashers. If there are ugly truths about a homosexual which the media omits as they most media did with Methew Wayne Shepard, then we will use our free speech rights to tell the ugly truths about the homosexual even if others dislike it. & there is nothing any1 can do to legally stop us from telling the ugly truths. Gay bashing victims will face the public opinion court as gay bashers do and ugly truths will be told about a homosexual if it’s found though it offends homosexual groups.

    1. I am happy to respond to your posts, and to provide you a space to share your [unfortunately] unpopular ideas. Whether one takes the mocking low road in challenging the Saint Matthew narrative (as I do) or the more thoughtful high road (as you did) the challenge will be met with a chorus of murderous howls and calls for violence from the Queer crowd. That in itself should be a reason to suspect their motivations.

      Homosexuality was once a mere perversion, now it has become an identity. A sane society would view perversions as a symptom of mental illness, look for root causes of the imbalance, and take proper measures to prevent the madness from ruining more lives. Our insane society, which seeks the death of Western civilization, has constructed an identity around the illness, and used political and social pressure to encourage the madness to spread and ruin more lives. Shepard is being used to further that agenda, and that is why they have sainted him in direct opposition to any and all evidence to the contrary.

      Queers molesting children is their only true reproductive strategy. It is a way of making more queers. This is not to say the perversion cannot develop in other ways, but this is the only way it can propagate itself, rather than arising within an individual who indulges their own perversions and rewires their brain to seek more poison.

      Here's the worst part - the molestation can be mental, not just physical, and mental molestation is legally protected. The school system, the Mass Media, and the government actively expose children to bizarre sexual concepts they cannot begin to understand. They sow confusion and fear and then offer a false morality of "tolerance" as the solution to the emotional turmoil they created.

      Children who are confused become susceptible to perversion. Children who are afraid are silenced. Fear of dangerously perverted behavior is reframed as homophobic, intolerant, and bigoted, and even pointed to as a sign of secret homosexual inclination. See previous comments above left by those who used this tactic unsuccessfully. They didn't realize it doesn't work on people who view homosexuality as a mental illness. This tactic is much more effective/harmful against young people who are not given alternative sources of information. The manipulators know most children are afraid of the unclean, the perverse, the disgusting - which is perfectly natural. They then manipulate this fear by saying, if you don't tolerate this behavior in others, it means you are secretly one of the disgusting. So the confused become victims of the poison because they trust the adults for guidance, and the fearful are silenced from speaking out against taking the poison by being criticized by the adults who have the power to reward and punish their behavior.

      It is truly horrible, and has been ruinous for Western civilization.

      Thank you for your comments.

  13. Thanks for replies to my comments. I am not White (ancestry Indian) but I agree with you on dangers of gay/lesbian agenda & I agree with you to some extent on race topic.

    I don’t know why people defend a useless dangerous conduct such as homosexual/lesbian conduct & I don’t know the apologism for transexuality which is surgically mutilating people with dangerous hormones to make them fake opposite sex members & they should make that illegal.

    Main ideas of science and math are always the same (such as freezing temperature is 32 Degrees Fahrenheit & lower, 2+2=4) and with main ideas of science, unless new information is found which changes prior conclusion (such as in 1950s when they found a whale is a mammal not a fish as scientists first thought), the main ideas of science stay the same. I do not believe mainstream science/psychology in the 1960s to early 70s discovered anything new to change long held conclusions on homosexuality when they removed homosexuality from DSM in 1973. They have as said since 1973 become ideological on gay/lesbian topic. I don’t deny possibility homosexuality could be genetic or inborn for some but that is unproven. Even if it’s true that homosexuality is inborn for some people, homosexual/lesbian conduct would still be bad for health.

    Homofobia is telling truths, theories and speculations which offend homosexual groups. While they have not conclusively proven homosexuality/lesbianism is inborn genes, homosexual groups often use this theory as definite by saying how they are born this way-which possibly can be the case for some but more studies are needed. But when facts are raised about the link between childhood sex abuse and a kid doing homosexual and lesbian activities in adutlhood, homosexual groups often get offended, condemn it as homofobia.

    With homosexuality being found among animals, cannibalism, stealing, etc. are also found among them, so it’s a bad idea to say that because animals do something people do. It’s best for gays/lesbians to be celibate until cure is found for this. No gays, don’t choose orientation, but they choose their sexual behavior.

    Any facts which show homosexuality/lesbianism to be bad and put negative views on this is condemned. Homosexual/lesbian conduct is bad for health as smoking is and needs to be marginalized like smoking is. People who engage in homosexual/lesbian conduct have more medical problems caused by homosexual/lesbian conduct. I believe the negative views of homosexual/lesbian conduct is the right view because there is something wrong with homosexual/lesbian conduct and they must make it a crime to do sex changes. I know my view offends homosexuals, but most smokers do not get offended by negative views of tobacco use. So homosexuals/lesbians have to hear others give negative views of their sex lives, because there is something wrong with this just as there’s something wrong with smoking.

    1. I am sorry it took so long to publish your comment. It got caught in the spam filter, but I approved it today. Thank you for your reply.

      The vast majority of White people don't agree with me on the race issue, so I certainly do not expect an Indian to do so. But that does not detract from the fact that I am very much in agreement with you on the poisonous nature of homosexuality, which is a mental disease that does not know racial bounds. It is the sick state of the West that has turned homosexuality into an identity, and the cultural power of the West that nurtures the disease around the globe. The West also preaches racial egalitarianism, which like homosexuality undermines national identity in favor creating human cattle for the global consumer slave market, where all the world's peoples are enthralled to the vices peddled by their masters.

      You also make a very good point about the born-that-way argument. Even if people are born with a defect that causes them to want to bang their heads against walls, it doesn't mean it should be encouraged. But the sickness of the West has been to overturn all that is sane, good, and beautiful in favor of madness, evil, and ugliness. And the sickness is global now. Those, like you, who know that this is wrong have a moral responsibility to speak out against it. Hopefully, some will listen, and turn away from the toxin.

  14. Methew Wayne Shepard as a boy was a victim of gay pedophiles. Many gays & lesbians were victims of child molestation which ruined their sexuality. Metthew Wayne Shepard had himself been a victim of child molestation by 3 different people when he was a boy & if he had not been a victim of homosexual pedophiles would he have turned out straight instead of gay?

    I have thought about this & don't think any1 can rebut conclusion that childhood sex abuse victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles have more risk of turning out gay/lesbian by copying the conduct they learned because think you know that conduct incl. sexual conduct can be learned. Think you know it is possible for people who are victims of same sex molestation (such as victims of gay pedophile priests) to copy this sexual conduct and do gay conduct in adulthood incl. turn out to be gay pedophiles.

    Think posters who call me ignorant, idiot know that sex abuse esp. repeated childhood sex abuse raises risk of a kid turning out gay/lesbian by copying conduct they learned from being ruined by gay and lesbian pedophiles, but they can't rebut other than get offended. You can call me ignorant,idiot, etc., but there's nothing any1 can say to change my mind on this.

    Never have I heard straights blame childhood sex abuse for reasons a man has sex with a woman and fathers children with her. Yet sometimes have heard gays and lesbians say childhood sex abuse is reason they do same sex behaviors. Sex abuse in youth can cause people to behave in ways. It not controversial to talk of nightmares, suicides, bed wetting often a result of sex abuse in youth. Yet when 1 talks gay/lesbian behaviors in adulthood because they learned this sexual behavior by being repeatedly molested, then gays with politically safe psychologists complain. The politically correct psychologists who deny this know possible for a boy to turn out gay as a result of childhood sex abuse, yet deny what they know is true. Of course, not all who are sexually abused in youth become gay in adulthood-but the risk is higher. Anybody who denies the link is dishonest, delusional or both.

    A kid can become a mugger by living in high crime neighborhood, seeing muggings in childhood and learning this conduct. Yes, there are muggers who were not raised in high crime neighborhoods but still became muggers, but that does not rule out other causes. Many emphysema victims did not smoke and were not exposed to 2nd hand smoke and got emphysema due to bad genes but it would be dishonest to deny truth that if a person smokes, he or she is more likely to get emphysema.

    It's possible homosexuality/lesbianism could be result of birth defect, but there are more than 1 reason why a conduct happens. Some people get emphysema because they have bad genes and some people get emphysema because they smoke tobacco. Not all smokers get emphysema, but if you smoke, you raise your risks of emphysema. Same thing with homosexuality and lesbianism-if it's true there's a birth defect, then some people do gay and lesbian activities due to this birth defect and some people do gay/lesbian conduct because of reacting to childhood sex abuse.

    I don't think people can rebut conclusion that if a kid is molested esp. a repeated victim of gay/lesbian pedophiles, risk is more they'll copy sexual conduct they learned. 1 doesn't need to be expert to know sex abuse (both childhood & adulthood) can damage people and cause some people to behave in ways they wouldn't have had the sex abuse not happened. I also think you know it's possible, as you're not giving rebuttal. I know what politically safe psychologists say denying this possibility, but what they say is not credible & I think they deny what they know is possible. Psychologist or psychiatrist don't know all the answers & can be dishonest by denying what they know is true.

  15. It makes me sad to see your fear of gay people, and sad to know that so many people still share this mentality.
    Despite our differences in opinion, I hope you have a happy life - and are never subjugated to what Matt Shepard suffered.

    Peace ✌

    1. A kind sentiment, Anastasia. I commend you on not giving into hate. You may have noticed you are the exception to the rule in this post.

      It was not my intent to instill sadness, or misery, or to metaphorically tie anyone to a fence and leave them for dead. It was my intent to pointedly question the narrative of sainthood bestowed upon a man who was the victim of a terrible act of violence.

      You may or may not be interested in questioning that narrative. Perhaps you have passed judgment already and will accept no other point of view. Certainly you have passed judgment that I must fear gay people like "so many people" who share my "mentality". Look around you. Do I seem flooded with visitors who "share this mentality?"

      For the record, I question all sorts of received wisdom that I was handed by judgmental Multikultists who have silenced my questions in real life and who would threaten my safety were I to voice those questions publicly today. (See the Disparaging Labels section below).

      MultiKulturalism, which includes LGBTPDQASAP rights (whatever the acronym is today), is as intolerant of opposing viewpoints as Christinsanity was decades ago. For the jokes I make on this obscure, unadvertised, unlinked blog, I have received hate mail and death threats from both MultiKulturalists and Christians. What does that tell you about fear, Anastasia?

      Understand that the MultiKult is so intolerant of criticism that even the preceding joke "LGBTPDQASAP" would be enough to get someone fired from their job. My "mentality" is that such responses are completely insane, tyrannical, and cult-like, and deserve to be challenged.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  16. Fair point, none of us are saints. Of course it is possible that Matt's death was a result of matters unrelated to his sexuality. And the idea that he was adopted for 'narrative' purposes is spot on.
    But perhaps it was necessary for the media to portray him in such a way? There must always be a "figurehead" to any movement, and the basic description of Matt Shepard (short, kindhearted, from a good family, loved theatre) made him 'the guy next door'. We all know someone like that. It's why it resonated with the American people so thoroughly, the idea that this relatable kid could be the victim of such a horrendous death.
    Which is why it was the perfect example to display to the rest of the country, to create a change in society. Yes, not all the facts were accurate, not everything was as simple as it seemed, but at the end of the day - isn't its impact more important?

    The fact that you have received death threats is, to be blunt, expected. I read this post on your blog, and I felt sadness and fear and anger. But people's responses all come down to what they choose to show of themselves. None of us are saints. And the internet shows the worst of us all, at the end of the day.

    "Do you remember Matthew Shepard? He was that faggot who was tied to a fence and beaten to death back in the late 1990's."
    "Ha! This is the best news I've heard since it was revealed that Anne Frank's nickname at Bergen-Belsen was Ol' Rimjob Franky."

    To most, this would also be a fitting example of an insane, tyrannical and cult-like response. Some people on your blog have challenged what you have written, and have done it in a way that is equally frightening and completely counter-productive. Some people, probably most, have chosen to click away - they have not threatened you or insulted you.

    Thanks for your reply, have a great day

    1. Welcome back Anastasia.

      I appreciate your thoughtful response. We may still disagree, but I am grateful that we needn't be uncivil with one another.

      Matthew Shepard was *not* a perfect example to display, his perfect image was crafted by the Mass Media to push an agenda. It sounds as if you are saying because you agree with the agenda, you are willing to excuse the deception and the efforts to defame those who question the narrative:

      "Yes, not all the facts were accurate, not everything was as simple as it seemed, but at the end of the day - isn't its impact more important?"

      This is exactly why I linked the story of Matthew Shepard to the Holocaust. Because it is another sacred, enshrined idol of the MultiKulturalists that cannot be questioned without threat to one's livelihood, and in some cases freedom. It is deeply ironic that the progressive movement holds the same power to silence opposing viewpoints as their Christian oppressors once did. And guess what? Christians thought they were doing it in a good cause as well. They too thought the impact was more important than the truth.

      You felt sadness, fear, and anger. Again, it was not my intention for you to feel such emotions. My intention was to exercise my right to free speech while I still have it. I cannot do this publicly, so I do so in this obscure corner of the internet.

      If censorship is finally able to silence people like me, it will be attributed to defending people like you who claimed to be sad, afraid, or angry and who those in power will say need to be protected from their own emotions.

      The equivalence between hurting someone's feelings and threatening someone with violence or telling them to commit suicide is a completely false equivalence. And yet, you call it "equally frightening". That is the logic the MultiKult uses when they say "words are violence". Calling Matthew Shephard a faggot is not the equivalent of tying him to a fence and leaving him to die. It simply is not. To say that it is minimizes the horror of his death, and fuels the righteous hate of those who wish death upon people like me.

      "To most, this would also be a fitting example of an insane, tyrannical and cult-like response."

      Then most are wrong. It's another false equivalence.

      Insane would imply I did not know what I was doing was wrong. Did I not say "I'm supposed to be the bad guy". I understand your society's rules - that's why I break them here, and not in public. I am consciously challenging the lies of a society with which I am at odds.

      Tyrannical? Was anyone forced to read this? Is it taught in schools? Did I send it to you via e-mail? Did I post it on your forum? Did I speak it on a street corner? Will you lose your job if you don't read it or say you agree with it? Have you received death threats for disagreeing with me? Tyranny is about power. What power do I have except to expose the vitriol of those who want to silence me?

      Cult-like? Show me my followers. Show me my leader. Show me my doctrine. And most importantly - show me my saint. I've seen the saints of the MultiKult "Saint Meth Head of the Fence Post", "Ol' Rimjob Franky." These are crass and tasteless jokes. No one actually believes Anne Frank was giving rimjobs at a concentration camp. I am tweaking the nose of those in power. I am doing exactly what the Leftist comedians of the sixties did when they mocked Christianity. Mockery I completely believe was/is deserved. But now, MultiKulturalism is the new religion, and I am once again a heretic.

      Regardless of our disagreements, once again I would like to say that I appreciate your courtesy.

  17. Lord and Savior Methew Christ of Nazarmeth