Sunday, September 22, 2013

King for a Day, Princess by Dawn: Part 2

Alternate Title: When Being Homecoming Queen is a Drag

On Friday, Marina High School in Orange County elected Cassidy (formerly Lance) Campbell its first transgendered Homecoming Queen.

Interestingly, the same article claims s/he is not the first one in the country, so I suppose this is getting to be old hat. Certainly, being the "first xxx to yyy" is becoming old hat, where xxx is a protected class and yyy is some American tradition/institution/occupation. Well, what's wrong with him/her being Homecoming Queen, you evil bigot/racist/homophobe??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!

Why nothing at all, of course! What American father does not want his little boy to grow up to be Homecoming Queen? What American mother does not want her little girl to grow up to lose Homecoming Queen to a transvestite?

For those of you asking, why this post's title ends in "Part 2", please see here. Six years ago, a male was chosen Homecoming Queen at another school, much to the chagrin of certain close-minded parents who did not enjoy the stunt (there is no evidence it was anything but a goof). Here is what I wrote at the time:

Appeasers just don’t understand that if you move the line once, even willingly and with the best intentions, be prepared for it to be moved again – this time under duress – or to simply have it erased by whatever new class of victims rises to condemn your narrow-minded repression of their human rights.

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