Thursday, September 12, 2013

For the seafood lover who hates niggers.

Toni Jenkins is a 19-year-old Negress who works as a server at a Red Lobster restaurant in Franklin, TN. The Ape-ess has been suspended with pay from her job, after she posted to her Facebook page a picture of a hateful receipt she says she received from two 20-something White Folks. Let's take a look:

As hi-freakin-larious as I find this tiny scrap of racism, I am once again forced to call BS. This stinks of yet another race-hate hoax. First, the top two words appear to be written with a different pen. Second, the handwriting for the top two words is very different from the signature at the bottom. Third, under the last four digits of the card is the name of the customer, blurred out - it seems unlikely that someone would leave personal identifiers on racist scribblings.

I will follow-up on this if it resurfaces in the news. For a similar recent story that has yet to be fully explained see here: DeAndre Martin. Ironically, the first update in months to the DeAndre Martin story occurred in just the past 24 hours. Here is an excerpt from the update:

According to Arnold police, the case is still under active investigation. Detectives are following up on leads and plan to close the case by the end of the month. [...] Martin has not been back to Convergys in months and says he’s on unpaid leave. He has also contacted the EEOC for help. He plans to finish his degree in music and move on in his professional life.
Unpaid leave for reporting you have been the victim of race hate? Don't think so. If Martin's story was real, the racial-grievance industry would be all over it.

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