Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaron Alexis: Another of Obama's Sons

Aaron Alexis, a Negro Navy reservist, has been terminated after his rampage killed 13 people at the Navy Yard in D.C. This is not to imply that there is a "Negro Navy". What I am trying to say is that Alexis is a Navy reservist who happens to be a Negro. Not that there couldn't be a Negro Navy. It's just that Negroes tend not to enjoy maritime activities and water sports. Not the kind of water sports that R. Kelly is said to have enjoyed, anyway. Which is not to say that R. Kelly might not enjoy other types of non-urine-related activities, it is just that he was accused of enjoying pissing on underage girls quite a bit. Not that he couldn't do that and be in a Negro Navy at the same time, if he had wanted to be. And really, I'm not sure if R. Kelly was ever in the Navy, not in the same way the Village People are in the Navy - with their song and all. Which is not to imply that R. Kelly is a homosexual member of the Village people. Not that all the Village people were gay, which not all were, just most. But I am pretty sure that none of the Village people was actually a member of a Negro Navy. However, it is conceivable that if there was such a thing as a Negro Navy, it would be full of homosexuals who liked pissing on underage girls while dressed as the Village People. Which is not to say that Aaron Alexis was part of a homosexual Negro Navy filled with Village people piss-fetishists, but it has been reported that he spoke Thai fluently. Not that he had been to Thailand, a country that has a reputation for underage sex tourism - oh, and Muslim extremism. However, there is no evidence at this point that Aaron Alexis was a Muslim extremist who learned Thai so he could go on sex tourism trips to Thailand via his role as a Negro Navy reservist, where he would have the opportunity to piss on underage Thai boys should he in fact be a pedophile piss-fetishist as R. Kelly was accused of being.

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