Wednesday, July 03, 2013

That Negress looks like a gorilla in a sweater... something you would expect me to say, not so much the principal of a diversity-inspired High School. However, according to her employees, Minerva Zanca, principal of Pan American International High School in Queens, shared that comment with her assistant principal. Zanca is also accused of saying "Did you see his big lips quiver?" after she chastised another Negro teacher. Is there a third strike you ask? No! And one is not necessary!

But what if she is innocent? Could she have been misunderstood by her assistant? Perhaps Zanca said the Negress looked like a guerrilla in a sweater. Perhaps Zanca said, have you seen the big hit Shiver? No, that is simply not plausible. Shiver was not a big hit.

Looks like it is back of the bus time for Minerva Zanca. Sure are a lot of females spouting racist things lately.

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