Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't be riotin'!

Where are the riots? Where is the street justice? Have America's Negros been sedated with high doses of sleeping pills in their malt liquor? Or are they accepting with quiet acquiescence what the acquittal of George Zimmerman means - Negroes have been trumped by Wetbacks as White America's preferred minority! After all, the Republicans aren't looking to sway the black vote, now are they? And the Democrats aren't calling for protests. No, quite the contrary. The universal call from both sides is for calm - let there be no violence! Well, maybe just a little. But with mainstream media help, violent protest won't get the airtime it needs to blossom. The Democrats have the Negros, now they need to hold onto the beaners. Both sides of America's political spectrum have the same agenda: keep the monkeys calm, and give a wink to the chorizo crowd - "Shh! You are our new favorites. Help us keep the darkies in line, and we'll install moving sidewalks on the southern border and run them 24/7 toward America's heartland."

I ask the protesters who called for Zimmerman's conviction, didn't you say:
No Justice, No Peace!

Because from your reaction, it looks more like:
No Justice, well, OK.


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