Monday, July 08, 2013

BCE, CE, and a skull full of FECES

This afternoon, I was enjoying a perfectly morbid slideshow of ancient bog bodies at the website Environmental Graffiti. I found it fascinating that so many of the bog bodies exhibited illness or deformity. Is that the reason they were sacrificed or otherwise done in? Or was deformity and illness so common place that it was inevitable the majority of the bodies would be defective in some fashion.

As I was quietly entertaining these macabre musings, I came across the last paragraph on the slideshow. Speaking of defectives - the author, Michele Collet, wrote something so densely, undeniably, inescapably stupid that I emitted an audible gasp when I read it:

Note: BCE and CE correspond to BC and AD, meaning Before Common Era and Common Era, which is being used for dating more frequently, as so many cultures are not Christian and the BC/AD has no meaning for them.

What was that?!? So many cultures are not Christian that BC/AD has no meaning for them? Does the word retarded have any meaning for you Michele? I cannot believe someone could write something so stupid.

Let us parse the meaning of meaning. I certainly hope you are not implying that lack of meaning equates to a lack of understanding. As if to say some Half-black Indonesian Muslim might see "2013 AD" and become paralyzed with confusion until a kindhearted White liberal came up and replaced the AD with CE, at which point the darkie would hoot with delight and finally comprehend the Gregorian calendar.

Instead, did you intend to say that BC/AD has no religious or cultural meaning (in this sense significance or profundity) for non-Christians? Therefore, these non-Christian cultures prefer to use BCE/CE. In that case, why are they using the Gregorian calendar at all? In truth, it is not a bunch of foreigners who want us to change BC/AD, it is Western political correctness junkies who want to change it. Therefore, don't blame non-Christian cultures for the change - blame a dying Western Christian culture's obsession with political correctness for the change. And as a counterpoint, if there is so much religious significance to BC/AD, why haven't the Christians renamed all the calendar months, so they don't have to sully themselves with the memory of pagan Romans like Julius and Augustus Caesar?

I am not a Christian, and I don't really care if people use BC or BCE, AD or CE. What I do care about is the honesty of the narrative behind the change. Western people are shackling language for the same reason they don't want mangers and the 10 commandments on public property: to secularize Western culture - not to honor the sensibilities of sand niggers and their god of child-rape, or kosher pork-haters and their baby-penis-sucking mohels.

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