Saturday, June 22, 2013

You like the way you look in that pink slip?

Men's Wearhouse fired it's spokesman and founder, George Zimmer. I, for one, am glad I won't have to put up with this arch-kike's smarmy commercials any longer. Here are the top ten most likely reasons George Zimmer was terminated:

1) People kept accusing him of having murdered Trayvon Martin.
2) People kept confusing him with the "Stay Thirsty" Dos Equis codger.
3) People kept confusing him with Wolf Blitzer.
4) People kept confusing him with Moses.
5) Young people don't typically buy clothes on the recommendation of their grandfathers.
6) Zimmer kept insisting the company should make its clothes out of hemp.
7) Zimmer was moonlighting as a Walmart greeter.
8) Despite his guarantees, people didn't like they way they looked.
9) He must have said "Nigger".
10) Antisemitism.

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