Monday, June 24, 2013

Woolwich Weirdness - 1 Month Later

The focus of today's post is to look at updates to the Woolwich Murder story. Here are three weird articles (in order of increasing weirdness) connected to the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby by Islamic niggers approximately one month ago:

1) There will be no official recognition or tribute in memory of the slain soldier this Armed Forces Day. It is theorized that this is an attempt to keep from inflaming passions. It is unclear whose passions they do not want to inflame. LINK.

2) Lee Rigby's sister has publicly requested the return of her cellphone, after it was stolen from her in a pub, following a memorial for her brother. She says it contains pictures of her slain brother. LINK.

3) One of the murderers of Lee Rigby went on a strange rant in court. The nigger claimed that prison officials repeatedly request to see his "penis and nuts", and likens compliance to the requests to being asked to get out of the way while shopping for butter. LINK.

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