Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thomas Sowell on Diversity

From his article, "Words that replace thought":

If there is ever a contest for words that substitute for thought, “diversity” should be recognized as the undisputed world champion.

You don’t need a speck of evidence, or a single step of logic, when you rhapsodize about the supposed benefits of diversity. The very idea of testing this wonderful, magical word against something as ugly as reality seems almost sordid.

To ask whether institutions that promote diversity 24/7 end up with better or worse relations between the races than institutions that pay no attention to it is only to get yourself regarded as a bad person.

To cite hard evidence that places obsessed with diversity have worse race relations is to risk getting yourself labeled an incorrigible racist. Free thinking is not free.

This black man has summed up the motivation for the past seven years of my on-and-off anti-diversity quest. And, I am a bit surprised to admit, I don't mind that it took a black man to say what White men are too scared or unfocused to express. What a terrible cliché, the elder black saint speaking wisdom to Whitie! Morgan Freeman will no doubt narrate Sowell's autobiography.

I also admit I tire quickly of "The Movement", and its endless diatribes about the usefulness of Nazism or Christianity to awakening White people, the invincibility of our Jewish overlords and their negroid sock monkeys, and the need to retreat to a city of shacks in the mountains to secure a future (of poverty and ignorance) for White children.

Sowell's article reminded me that the racist hate I spew is much more about not being allowed to speak the truth without being called a racist. As Sowell said, to speak against the cult of diversity "is to risk getting yourself labeled an incorrigible racist". And if the MultiCult Kool-Aid drinkers are going to shout me down and label me a racist, I shall demonstrate what a true racist really sounds like. March on.

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