Friday, June 21, 2013

The Niggering of Paula Deen

The lesson is clear, and we've seen it again and again: publicly say nigger and the game is over - reputation, career, and social acceptability are gone in a flash. Today, I officially christen this phenomenon, "The Niggering". Witness the fall of Paula Deen.

Dignity, on the other hand, is something those undergoing "The Niggering" sacrifice on their own. They don't have to apologize. They don't have to grovel. They can simply say, "No comment." - or even "Nigger, please!" But they don't. They implode, strip themselves emotionally naked, metaphorically whip themselves raw before the throng, and repeatedly cry "mea culpa!" until they are mute. This part of "The Niggering", is completely self-inflicted. And being so, it is even more perplexing when the self-flagellating is wealthy beyond reason. Paula Deen's net worth is 15 million dollars, but it didn't stop this -

Does she think it will make a difference? Does she think things can go back to normal? Is she really so stupid  she can't see that this admission will only nail her proverbial coffin shut? It's over Paula, have some freakin' dignity.

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