Friday, June 07, 2013

Racist: Born that way!

Thank you Kosher masters, for a bit of wisdom from this article:

Children start out with this essentialist tendency, and only a particular kind of education can lead them to develop a different, more open attitude.”

How did you test this?

“We studied children aged 5, 8 and 12 from different educational systems: Jewish children who attended regular, ‘mainstream’ Jewish schools; Arab children in regular Arab schools, and Jewish and Arab children who studied together at bilingual schools that combine students and teachers from both ethnicities.
“We found that in all the groups, the 5-year-olds were equally essentialist, and to a high degree. That is, they all perceived the other ethnic group as very different, as homogeneous, and so on. As they got older, those who went to a regular school remained essentialist, but those who went to an integrated school with Arabs and Jews together, became less and less essentialist. The implication is that the environment doesn’t create essentialism; it’s there from the start. Environment and education only strengthen or temper it.”

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  1. Wow. Education as propaganda conformity threat child abuse camp.

    Wow. You'd think they'd at least not be so blatant about admitting it.