Saturday, June 01, 2013

James Lipton: Just another Jewish Pimp...

...which is amusing, because I thought it was simply just another Jewish whore.

Hollyweird's premier celebrity cock sucker, James Lipton, has been in the news, after telling Parade he was a pimp for French prostitutes during the 1950's. Lipton refers to himself as a "procurer" and "an agent" for the French women he pimped. "I did a roaring business! ... I'm not ashamed of it."

It is only natural. On the laundry list of Jewish culture-destroying professions he had already checked off actor, journalist, author, producer, and promoter of the cult of Hollyweird, what was left for him but pimp and perhaps usurer? I do appreciate him helping to reinforce Jewish stereotypes! As an aside, the way James Lipton sycophantically eats the ass of every D-lister he meets, I would have thought of him not so much as a pimp in 1950's France, but as a rent boy.

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