Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dead Samaritans

10 people are reported dead after the storm in Oklahoma Friday night, 31 May 2013. Among them are three "storm chasers" who got exactly what they deserved: Tim Samaras (55), his son Paul Samaras (24), and their colleague Carl Young (45). The media hypes them as heroes, involved in research aimed at warning people of impending tornadoes. Give me a break. They were thrill seekers who also happened to be scientists. This is like the explorer Robert Falcon Scott, who died with his team in Antarctica. He claimed his mission was primarily scientific, but it was really to chase glory claiming the South Pole (to which he was beaten). It is also reminiscent of Steve Irwin's stingray barb death "doing what he loved!" (Showing off by tormenting deadly animals?)
Quoting Tim Samaras from this article: "I'm not sure exactly why I chase storms. Perhaps it's to witness the incredible beauty mother nature can create," he says. "All my life I've been on a quest to find out how these things work."

Quest failed.


  1. I thought we knew how tornadoes work.

    Maybe Tim Samaras didn't know how the INTERNET worked.

  2. Oh...wait one. Just realized a "samara" is a winged seed that spins in the wind as the tree's way of dispersing its genes.

    That makes two samaras dispersed in a tornado quite amusing.

    1. Outstanding observation. You spotted DATGOY, my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY.