Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 2 of Precious Testimony in Trayvon Martin Case

What joy, I get another day of fun watching Rachel Jeantel's testimony in the Trayvon Martin murder case! Here some great clips from today:

 Jeantel asked a friend to write a letter for her, detailing her phone conversation with Trayvon. Ostensibly, she did this so the letter would be legible. But when Jeantel was asked to review the letter in court, she said she could not read what her friend had written, because (wait for it) the letter was written in cursive - ha!

Megyn Kelly's show compiled a series of clips showing Jeantel's most disrespectful responses and facial contortions from her statements to the defense. They are a hoot.

And, best for last, one of Jeantel's responses to the defense attorney today was, "That's real retarded, sir." Said her deep, monotone voice, it came off sounding like Marcy (Peppermint Patty's lover).

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