Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can Racism Shorten Life?

An article with a title similar to the one above drew my attention here. Ostensibly, the authors were trying to link their content to the racist machinations of walking butter pat Paula Deen. But it turns out they were talking about being a victim of racism, not simply being a racist. I am amused that I felt a bit of relief that this was not another article piling on to racists with charges of being poor, uneducated, low IQ malcontents. As if we needed any more bad press. Instead, it cheered me up with its allegations that my horrifying racism might be shortening peoples' lives more than Paula Deen's trans fats. Delightful! (But implausible).

Returning to the issue of Paula Deen's racism: A deposition is making the rounds online that has Paula Deen casually admitting to using the Nigger-Word, which is Nigger. As in, that Nigger stinks because all Niggers stink. Damn those Niggers and their Nigger-ish Nigger-dom. Nigger. What were talking about? Oh yes, Paula Deen says Nigger. And she also considered a slavery-theme for the reception of her last wedding. If you're interested in learning more gossip from the view of a over-righteous self-hating-chalkie - head over here. If not, leave a guess on how long before Paula Deen apologizes and publicly shames herself for her honesty.

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