Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Boxing Helena: Negro Version

A Negress from Britain, Apryl Michelle Brown, is warning the public of the dangers of butt-pumping, after having her buttocks, arms and legs amputated following some illegal butt-pumping.

What is butt-pumping? In this case, probably not what you think. It seems that Apryl was teased as a child about her "pancake" behind. So, when she heard that silicone injections could enlarge her posterior, she jumped at the opportunity. However, being a Negress, Apryl didn't look for a licensed plastic surgeon. Instead, she let a stranger inject toxic bathroom sealant into her ass cheeks in the strangers' home. Not that April knew the bathroom sealant was toxic, but she discovered rather quickly that the procedure was a bad idea when her ass hardened into a dead lump, and her limbs began to die from an adverse reaction to the bathroom sealant. Hence, the need for the aforementioned amputations.

Now, did you at least learn something from this tail of woe?

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