Sunday, June 09, 2013

Anti-Racist Cereal

Time to boycott Cheerios, you chalkie devils! The cereal's recent interracial ad spot is creating a lot of buzz.   Cheerios' advertisers say they are trying to reflect a modern, realistic American Family. In response, CDN says interracial children and breakfast go together like brown sugar on vomited oatmeal.Quoting the advert: "Mom," says the chimpette. "Dad told me Cheerios is good for your heart. Is that true?" Oh, for sambo's sake, that's not the least bit realistic! Here are 10 questions more likely to be tossed out at the interracial kitchen table:

1) Mom, why we have to put water on our cereal, not milk?
2) Mom, why we eat cereal for dinner so much?
3) Mom, your black eye feel better?
4) Mom, dad said you a fuckin' nasty bitch who pussy stank - would you pass da sugar?
5) Mom, dad on top Miss Laquisha from next door - you want me put his cereal in the fridge?
6) Mom, where da Circle-O's we use-lee get? You steal a cart from the grocery store again?
7) Mom, why dad done took my prize out dis box and tried to pawn it?
8) Mom, how come all the other black kids got eat breakfast at school?
9) Mom, why dad put his crack pipe in my cereal when the po-po knock on the door?
10) Mom, why can't I have pretty blue eyes and straight hair like you?


  1. Some information on the ad agency behind this propaganda:

  2. Seen?

    Apparently we're supposed to mourn that it's crashing and burning.

    These are the same Red Sea Pedestrians who have a gigundo Obamacare division:

    Scroll down, and you'll see they are proud manipulators of human emotion.

    Jews financialize everything. "Health care" means taking every last normal and non-normal thing that happens to our money, and turning it into something to lie about...and speculate on.