Monday, May 27, 2013

Something Queer in the Waters of the Atlantic?

Looking at the map from this article, it seems if your country permits gay marriage, there is a >90% chance they have Atlantic Ocean beachfront property.

From the same article, it seems the French anti-gay protests came off well . But notice how the so-called leaders of the more moderate political opposition boycotted the event and told their followers to stay away. Typical pulling punches from the right. Make a fuss, then fizzle out. Very tea-party-esque. Don't want to be associated with those vile ex-twe-mists! The BBC sets the narrative - the protests were but one last gasp of resistance to the inevitable. Well, you uppity frogs - are the fog breathers correct? Or will you take the next step of defiance? If history is any sort of guide, you have given your last.

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  1. Certainly lends credence to the "gay germ" theory. Maybe.