Saturday, May 18, 2013

Save us Jebus!

I have been debating Christianity's lack of virtues today. I ask you this: Does Christianity do more to help or hurt White people? If we consider anti-racist to be code word for anti-White, then I vote it hurts White people.
Orthodox Church: (Source)
...we reject phyletism, that is racial discrimination and nationalistic contention, enmities and discord in the Church of Christ as being contrary to the teaching of the Gospel and the sacred canons of our holy Fathers, who support the holy Church and adorn the whole of the Christian life, leading to divine Godliness.

Catholic Church: (Source)
We begin with three facts. First, racism exists here; it is part of the American landscape. Second, racism is completely contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Third, all baptized Catholics have a moral obligation to work toward the elimination of racism.

Episcopal Church: (Source)
Racism is totally inconsistent with the Gospel and, therefore, must be confronted and eradicated.” Basing its message on the baptismal covenant, the Bishops invited all baptized Christians to enter into a new covenant to fight racism and to, “proclaim the vision of God’s new creation in which the dignity of every human being is honored.”

Baptist Church: (Source)
"We are all saddened when any sin, including the sin of racism, rears its head," said Southern Baptist Convention spokesman Sing Oldham. "Part of our gospel is that we are being redeemed. We are flawed, failed creatures and redemption is a process."

Westboro Baptist Church (Source)
...the Scripture doesn't support racism. God never says "thou shalt not be black." However, He does say, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (Leviticus 18:22).

Mormon Church: (Source)
"The church's position is clear," LDS Church spokesman Michael Purdy said. "We believe all people are God's children and are equal in His eyes and in the church. We do not tolerate racism in any form. For a time in the church there was a restriction on the priesthood for male members of African descent," Purdy said. "It is not known precisely why, how or when this restriction began in the church but what is clear is that it ended decades ago."

Lutheran Church: (Source)
Racism is one of the most destructive sins in today's world. It refuses to honor God's mighty acts in creation, redemption, and sanctification. Racism simply does not trust the gospel. It builds on human pride and prejudice, abusing power for selfish advantage. Racism dishonors God, neighbor, and self. It rejects the meaning in God's becoming incarnate in Jesus Christ, because in rejecting another person one rejects Jesus Christ.

Presbyterian Church: (Source)
The Dismantling Racism and Privilege Ministry Team assists the presbytery in its commitment to dismantle racism and privilege. Its purpose is to increase awareness and work toward the eradication of intentional and unintentional racism and privilege at critical decision points in the life of the presbytery, and to assist sessions and congregations in dismantling racism and privilege among our church constituency.

Methodist Church: (Source)
At the beginning of the 21st century, the United Methodist Church is focusing on racism and promoting diversity with more vigor than ever. It is actively promoting more inclusiveness and diversity in its institutions and leadership. One of its 14 churchwide agencies, the Commission on Religion and Race, focuses on those issues, and caucuses such as Black Methodists for Church Renewal and Methodists Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic Americans also keep them in front of the church. Through programs such as Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, the National Plan for Hispanic Ministries, the Council on Korean-American Ministries and the Native American Comprehensive Plan, the denomination is building up racial-ethnic congregations.


  1. As an orthodox christian and a white nationalist I would like to contend your interpretation of the source, the quote from which had to do with the rejection of phyletism. When the bishops say they reject discrimination in the Church of Christ they as individuals may mean they support liberalism but the history and church pronouncements they cite in the source article deal only with Church administration. The salient point, which they may have interpreted inappropriately, is that a bishop should have administrative rule over a region and its entire Christian population, irrespective of and not circumscribed by race or nationality. It does not follow that race does not exist or that communities will not be distinctive along racial or ethnic lines.
    I notice that the Ecumenical Patriarchate produced that anti-phyletism statement. They are notoriously liberal and modernizing. They have been pushing for ecumenism, globalism, and have introduced other Westernizing practices into the Church. The Ecumenical Patriarchate does not have universal authority over all Orthodoxy. It does not speak for Orthodoxy as the Vatican does for the Roman Catholic Church. If it and some other ecclesiastical allies promote race mixing, justifying it with the scriptures, the Church Fathers, the Ecumenical Councils, they may in the future be proven heretical as many bishops have in the past.

  2. Fair enough. I am more than happy to post your articulate rebuttal, as it speaks to your experience.

    As an areligious White Supremacist, I too often experience Christians and Social Marxist Leftists cooperating in the browning of America. If Orthodox Christianity keeps Eastern Europe White, I say - please convert Western Europe and America next, and take Rome as compensation for your trouble.

  3. judism and islam says it's ok to rape a goat,camel or anything that walks ,crawls,slithers