Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No queer conspiracy wants to indoctrinate your kids.

Before we proceed, you must remember this - say it with me - the MultiCult is not after your children. There is no conspiracy trying to foist the leftist, pro-gay agenda on you or anyone. With that out of the way...

Meet SheZow, a transsexual 12-year-old cartoon superhero.

I can't wait for the rash of father-son murder-suicides across this planet as pre- and not so pre- pubescent boys prance up to their fathers while wearing their sister's leotards squealing "I'm SheZow the transsexual crime fighter! Take that Daddy!"

This show is total fringe. It might get a cult following if the writing is any good, but no straight boy will go near it with a ten foot pole. The whole thing is doomed to be a financial failure and a cultural irrelevance. But it does make for interesting fodder for the right.

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