Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mr. Balls - Testicular Cancer Awareness Mascot

So it has come to this. How best to raise awareness of the dangers of testicular cancer? Create a costume mascot shaped like an enormous pair of swarthy, hairy, testicles and strut around in front of children encouraging them to scratch you.

This idea came from Brazil, where going straight for the lowest common denominator is apparently just fine regardless of the importance of the message. Therefore, may I suggest they raise awareness of colorectal cancer with Mr. Asshole, who hands out suspicious chocolates. Or perhaps they could raise awareness of female genital mutilation with Mrs. Bloody Cunt, who carries around her own severed clitoris like the Headless Horseman carries around his jack o'lantern.

Brazilian advertisers, let's talk. I got a million more of these ideas if you've got the reais.


  1. The boots under those balls look feminine, nu?

    1. Ewww... I never noticed that. So there is probably a beanerette in there. How disturbing.