Saturday, May 04, 2013

Korean woman sues CVS for 1m $ over racist receipt

A Korean woman is suing CVS for 1 million dollars after discovering her name had been changed on her photo receipt from Hyun Lee, to Ching Chong Lee. CVS apparently bungled the affair by not responding to  Lee directly and apologizing. But does that mean Lee deserves 1 million dollars? Sure, why not? I am certain CVS is just another corporate behemoth that mouths the mantra of the value of diversity. Time to put their money where the mouth is. 1 million is getting off pretty easy. If they had put Nigger Jones on some darkies' receipt, the President of CVS would be on television apologizing to the President of the United States, Nigger Barry.

I'll admit, Ching Chong Lee is pretty funny. However, it would have been funnier if they had changed her name to Margaret Cho - that would combine asian + fat + bisexual jokes all in one.

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