Friday, May 10, 2013

Jason Collins' Beard is Rather Untrimmed Herself

I don't follow "The Sports". I don't understand the interest in watching people play a game when you could be playing it yourself - no matter how much better they are at the game. Anyhoo...

Jason Collins is a Negro who, I have been told, played the basketsball game professionally. He was, I have been told, only a mediocre basketsball player. He has, I have been told, come out of the closet. And those who have told me these things think I should care because they believe Jason Collins is only coming out of the closet to increase his marketability, as he is becoming a has been. Sorry, but I still don't care.

But while scanning through the media for stories of interest, I spotted a picture of Jason Collins with his beard, Carolyn Moos. Please take a look:

Holy Christ she is unattractive. If someone told me she was a transexual once named Carl Moos, I would have believed it. It took little effort to discover that she is a female basketsball player. That's when the pieces fell into place. Just like how the gay guy and the lesbian always end up together at the Senior Prom. I'm not saying she knew he was a homo, since she claims she did not. I am saying that I very much doubt Collins had any more sex with Caroyln Moos than Manti T'eo had with his girlfriend.

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