Friday, May 03, 2013

Iowa teen tries to rape then murders his mother over video game.

From such a headline, I assume the video game was Viva Caligula.

Holy crap that kid even looks like Viva Caligula!

The video game that supposedly caused all the trouble was "Call of Duty", not sure which one. Noah Crooks said his mother Gretchen took the video game away because of his poor grades. And his response? He tries to rape her, and then shoots her 21 times. So clearly the reason is the video game! Let me be literal for a change, as I am too apathetic at the moment to try either subtle humor or overt hate-spewing: it is absurd that the video game angle is even being mentioned by the media as a motive, and yet it is. Noah Crooks is disastrously, incurably insane. He could just have easily snapped over her suspending his TV or cellphone privileges - the point was he snapped - there is no rational reason.

But you just wait, the anti-video game crowd will eventually pick up on this story and use it as another excuse to ban the production of video games with Mature ratings. Joe "Droopy Dog" Lieberman, who is probably scribbling his next diatribe on the evils of Grand Theft Auto, will undoubtedly be crossing that title of that game out and substituting "Call of Duty 5: Rape Yo' Mamma Edition".

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