Friday, May 31, 2013

How many freakin' race cards are there in the deck?

It doesn't take a race-denying-anthropologist or a communist moral relativist to know that if you are White and you happen to object to any of the President's policies, it is because he is black. This is common received wisdom, and is universally applicable. My question is, why does it continue to work? Isn't there a saturation point at which every White person will have been called a racist, so White people will simply say, "Yeah - I guess we are all evil racists. So what?"

Louisiana Democratic Senator Karen Carter Peterson is making headlines for announcing before her state's senate that the reason people oppose Obamacare is because the president is black. Holy Christ, is every brown person in America given their own deck of race cards to play at will? Even more grating is the jive-ass-yo-mama-so-ugly way she delivers the attack. On the plus side, this news report made the Senator look like the hypocrite she truly is:

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