Friday, May 17, 2013

French Retreat from Race

Quoting this article:

In a move aimed at undermining the bogus foundation of racist ideology, France’s National Assembly has decided to drop the word “race” from the country’s laws.

In a vote on Thursday night, supported by the ruling Socialist Party, legislators adopted a bill to ban a term that its drafters said had no scientific basis, but which could be seen as giving judicial legitimacy to racist ideologues [...] Skeptics in the Assembly and beyond suggested the measure was mainly symbolic and was unlikely to contribute much to the fight against a growing phenomenon of racism in the country.

How very Camp of the Saints. Let us certainly hope that this hollow gesture does nothing to fight the growing phenomenon of racism in France! I wonder if this decision means there will be no more race-hate laws? Only hate laws? While they are at it, would they also mind abolishing the word Semite so there will just be antis, but not anti-Semites?

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