Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Femen Responds to Suicide of Dominique Venner

Let's see how she did (link)...

From the way she holds that gun, I suspect she is not very good at fellatio - pointing the tip directly at the bottom row of her teeth.

Now, let us compare Femen's message to Venner's, so we may determine which one more closely resembles hate-speech.

"FEMEN's angel of Death [called upon] all European Nazism, in the face of all their underhitlers and halfmussolini, to follow the example of the ultra-right man Dominique Venner and immediately commit a suicide of their believes excluding theirselves from the political arena in Europe. Hurry up, there is not so much place left on the sacrificial altar of Notre-Dame de Paris." [sic]

"I expect nothing more from life except the continuation of my race and my spirit. However, at this, in the evening of that life and in the face of immense dangers for my French and European heritage, I feel the need to act, while I still have the force. I believe it is necessary to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that oppresses us. I offer what remains of my life in an act of protest."

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