Sunday, May 05, 2013

Disneyland Character Discriminated Against Black Kids?

Oh, this is too rich. A black family (appropriately named "The Blacks") alleges a Disneyland character wouldn't grope their ape children! And the picture from the article does show a white rabbit keeping his distance. Joke Sequencer overload...

1) Looks like the white rabbit is a follower of Horus the Avenger.
2) Looks like we know where Esther Irene Stokes was hired after losing her teaching job.
3) Looks like Walt trained his people well.
4) The rabbit just doesn't want that negro running off with his Flava Flav clock
5) The rabbit was late for his Klan rally, otherwise he would have spent more time with the kid.
6) The white rabbit is friends with Donald Duck, a well known racist quacker.
7) The white rabbit was just being careful with his hands because he couldn't tell if the ape was a boy or girl.
8) Look at how bloodshot the rabbit's eyes are - he's been up all night partying with Mel Gibson again.
9) The rabbit is just trying to keep Wunderland racially pure.
10) Don't you know how greasy black children are? The rabbit has to pay from his own pocket to have his costume cleaned.

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