Sunday, May 12, 2013

Anyone remember Handiman and the Tiny Avenger?

I tried to use that as a reference in a joke but all I got were blank stares. Does no one remember that skit from In Living Color?

I wonder what Damon Wayans thinks now, looking back at his "handi"-work. I also wonder how/if a leftist pro-diversity freak would defend the skit. I think it would go something like, "Black people have been taught to be disrespectful to others in imitation of their former chalky slave masters." Or, "It was all in good humor! Wayans loves retards and midgets, so it is ok when he does it." Now that I look at the two defenses, I am sure the latter would be the response. Like when Biden says "Put y'all back in chains." It's ok because its Biden, and he loves darkies.

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