Friday, May 24, 2013

A face only a lesbian mother could love.

Following on the heels of the suicide of Dominique Venner, the voice of moderate French homophobia, atrociously ugly man-woman Frigide Barjot, says she is frightened of the more extreme right elements in France, who tout a scarier version of her views against gay marriage. From this article:

The threats against the 50-year-old Barjot are thought to come mostly from an ultra-right racist and homophobic group called Printemps Fran├žais (“French Spring”)...

Barjot says she has become a hate figure for this disturbingly resurgent, violent ultra-right in France because she dismissed Venner’s action as “deranged” and “un-Catholic” and because she is “anti-gay marriage but not anti-gay”.

Is Barjot not simply reaping the whirlwind she has sown? Has she not, predictably, lost control of a movement that was never, at its core, as moderate, democratic or gay-friendly as she had insisted?

“No, these are people who want to divide France and to promote hatred,” she says. “They have a narrow conception of identity and aggressive beliefs which are not the same as our own values, which are based on the importance of the family and the needs of the child and common-sense.”

In other words, Barjot is fine with France being overrun with Muslim niggers, as long as gays don't get to adopt. I am looking forward to seeing how Sunday's protests turn out in France!

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  1. I think it's more like she'll take ANY attention from men she can get. Even if she's making it up.