Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thanksgiving with the N Words

The N word - all you have to say to terminate your career and kiss your life as you know it goodbye. There are three stages of using the N word:

1) Honesty - You meant it and that is why you said it. More than likely, he or she deserved it.
2) Defensiveness - You apologize, but try to defend why you said it, along the lines of "I can't be racist, I have black friends."
3) Utter Defeat - You apologize without reservation, accept that you no longer deserve to be employed, accept that your life will never be normal again, thank those who persecute you, and slip into poverty and obscurity.

Meet Gloria Platko, the clerk of Buena Vista Township, Michigan. She admits she called her colleague, township supervisor Dwayne Parker, a nigger. From the video below, we can see she is at stage two. I predict that within a week she will be at stage three. What I find especially amusing is that she defends herself by saying she can't be racist because she has had Thanksgiving dinner with black people! That just shows she has poor taste, or is incredibly cheap. It doesn't prove she isn't racist. After all, the pilgrims had Thanksgiving dinner with the Indians, and look how well that worked out for the redskins. All hope may not be lost though. This year, Platko might be invited to Thanksgiving dinner with David Duke.

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