Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teacher claims she is too racist to molest black child.

Say what? Come again? Beg your pardon?

Well, this is new. And here I have been thinking that being racist was worse than being a pedophile. As in, sure she molests children, but at least she doesn't discriminate against the children she molests on the basis of their race. Anyone care to update me in future when being a racist drops in the ranks of most evil character flaws?

Nice how she thinks being one cancels out the other. Here is some public perception math for the teacher:
It's not pedophile - racist = not guilty. It's pedophile + racist = Esther Irene Stokes.

Please note the article says she failed the polygraph. So she really is a child molester and not a racist - whew! Didn't want that mug on our team.

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