Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Racist Rodeo Clown Mocks Michelle Obama's Sex ApPEal

This from

"A rodeo clown managed to roll racism and sexism into one crude joke about the First Lady at a rodeo in California this weekend. Mike Hayhurst suggested that Playboy offered Mitt Romney’s wife Ann $250,000 to pose nude for the magazine, but that Michelle Obama received just $50 from National Geographic to do the same."

God knows I hate clowns, but this joker is one funny s.o.b. Well done!

I've posted the National Geographic picture in question below.

Oh, buck up Michelle. Hillary Clinton only got $35 when she posed nude in Fangoria.


  1. A story related to your old sketch about the Burr Oak Cemetery has popped up in the "news".

  2. Oh wow! Bill Kurtis is still alive! He's my favorite animatronic annoucer. Thanks for the link.