Thursday, June 16, 2011

You won't have Anthony Weiner to jerk around anymore!

I hope you goyim pigs are happy. Congressman Weiner has resigned in shame.

Some may see this as an unsatisfying, premature end to Weiner's career.

In the long run, sagging popularity will only stiffen Weiner's resolve.

A bit of rough handling is not enough to get Weiner down.

Some may see Weiner exiting clumsily from the backdoor, deflated following Nancy Pelosi's public tongue lashing.

They may jeer at his wilting performance, thinking Weiner a small, limp, lifeless bit of nothing.

However, Weiner will not be remembered solely for his shortcomings.

On the contrary, Weiner leaves office head held high, posture firm and erect.

After a brief period of rest, Weiner shall be back, hard on the campaign trail, pumped up and ready to get those ballot boxes stuffed to the brim.

Weiner will rise again, spurting wildly to new, ecstatic heights.

It won't be long before Weiner has rubbed out this infamy, and mopped up the mess he's made.

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