Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Heroic Head!

Yesterday, CDN monitoring agents brought to our attention a clip from the new Green Lantern movie starring Van Wilder (a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds, or that guy whose crappy movies occupies the vast majority of Comedy Central's filler schedule). The reason for the alert was the startling fact that the George Lucas record for least live-action has finally been broken in a non-Animated movie. George Lucas reached 76% animated live-action, surrounding his Star Wars prequel actors with a cartoonish menagerie of poorly conceived buffoonery. However, the record has been stolen by the Green Lantern movie, which boasts an impressive 91% animation for a live action film. How did they break the record? Well, the secret was to simply cut and paste the head of the lead actor into a digital cartoon. Take a look for yourselves during the next trailer. Though for heaven's sake be careful! Such pablum has the same brain-damaging impact of a corkscrew turned wildly about in the frontal lobes. (Note: Warning not applicable to goyim.)

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