Saturday, June 04, 2011

Was Baker Smurf's Oven really a Crematorium?

I've always felt the Smurfs possessed a cult-like aura, or possibly they were a socialist commune, but have you ever equated them with Racism/Nazism? It seems like kind of a stretch, but French author Antoine Bueno is apparently enough of an intellectual contortionist to make the case. Briefly, Bueno claims Gargamel is a hooked-nose Jew stereotype, Smurfette is part of the misogynist Aryan ideal of womanhood, and a Smurf story involving evil, mentally-impaired black-colored smurfs is equatable to colonial attitudes towards Negroes.

To me this reeks of confirmation bias, an accusation that has been hurled at evil, wicked racists when said racists point at the number of black/brown people behind bars and conclude dusky people are more criminally minded.

Has anyone considered that a big, crooked nose might have been a stereotype attached to bad, dastardly people, and that anti-Semites wanted to paint Jews as bad people, so they gave them big, crooked noses? Or is Antoine Bueno saying that Jews really do have big, crooked noses - and any character depicted as having a big crooked nose is therefore Jewish?

If the Smurfs are Aryan-loving-Nazis for holding blond-haired Smurfette up as a model of beauty, is Dora the Explorer a white supremacist for returning a crown to the blond-haired mermaid princess? I mean...Can't you see!?!?! Dora is a shill for the myth of Aryan Nobility! It's so obvious!

And sticking with the idea that Dora the Explorer is just as racist as the Smurfs -

Can't you see that Boots is Dora's negroid-monkey servant, just a leftover from the colonial slave trade similar to Curious George?

Can't you see Tico the Squirrel is a gay-beaner stereotype, a portrayal of a shiftless Mexican who refuses to learn English?

Can't you see that Swiper, the theiving fox, is pure Julius Streicher propaganda?
I say, don't let grown-ups watch cartoons if they can't keep from projecting their own hang-ups upon animated silliness.

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