Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Remeasure of Stephen Jay Gould

How many frickin' decades has this piece of excrement been held up as one of the premier debunkers of scientific racism? He was just another smug member of the select, delivering the received wisdom that racial differences did not exist. His greatest "achievement" for Diversity was debunking the work of 19th-century physician Samuel Morton, who Gould slandered as a racist crackpot with a fetish for falsifying skull measurements. But of course - it was Gould who was the falsifier and fraud. A reevaluation of Gould's work reaffirmed Morton's analysis and has redeemed the physician's character.

From this article,

Morton neither manipulated his skull samples, unfairly select which data to report, skew results by gender, or ignore his mistakes to favor racist interpretations of his skulls, the PLoS Biology study authors conclude -- all charges made by Gould against the long-dead physician. What's more, the researchers found Gould made some mistakes in his re-analysis of Morton. "Our analysis of Gould's claims reveals that most of Gould's criticisms are poorly supported or falsified".

Hope you are enjoying the eighth circle, Gould.

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