Sunday, June 19, 2011

Minstrel Show at the GOP?

Obama impersonator Reggie Brown was shooed from the stage during his time slot at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans yesterday. His crime? According to the pundits it was peppering his performance with racist humor. However, if you watch the clip below, his swipes at the GOP were at least as harsh.

Is Reggie Brown a racist? No one in the fourth estate is asserting that. It's the Republicans who are racist for listening to him. So let us look at the definition of racism for today: A brown person is not racist for speaking jokes that employ racial imagery, but white Republicans are racist for hearing jokes that employ racial imagery spoken by a brown person. And the guilty-conscienced Republicans knew it - hence they pulled their minstrel from the stage for all the world to see.
That'll do, goyim pigs.

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