Thursday, June 02, 2011

Drowning in Indifference

It sounds like the sort of question one asks to gauge anothers scruples: Would you wade into a river to save a drowning man if there was a sign that read, "Do not enter the water under penalty of law"?

In the city of Alameda, California, rescue personnel faced a similar scenario while responding to an emergency call that a man was trying to drown himself in the bay. Their departmental policy is not to attempt water rescues, as they lack funding for proper equipment. In other words, they allowed a man to drown because their rule book said, "Do not help drowning people." Not only that, they allowed a civilian to wade into the water to fish the man's corpse out of the bay. And had the civilian suffered butt-cramps in the water and started to sink - well then there would have been two corpses floating in the bay. And had a third person gone in to save the the second, three bodies bobbing in the bay. The whole town could have drown single file, while rescue personnel watched with apathy.

This reminds me of the drowning scene from "The Time Machine". Click here to watch it on YouTube. Doesn't that clip make you crave some Eloi?

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