Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deplane! Deplane!

According to this story, a young black man was forced by U.S. Air to deplane for wearing saggy, baggy, pants that did not reveal his naughty parts - while the same company did nothing when the old perv to the left paraded himself in front da' chilt'tren.

If this story is true, I see an absolute, sickening double-standard! A disgusting gender-bias that permits any form of female-clothing, but forces those who wish to dress as men to curtail their free expression. If the young negro had boarded with a see-through teddy and Daisy Duke shorts, he would not have been accosted! But heaven forfend his crotch begins at his knees.

Seriously gentle-readers, let the Negro be, and put that revolting, senile old faggot on the no-fly list for the rest of his AIDS-riddled life.

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