Sunday, June 05, 2011

Almost Racist

In the Alabama Senate on Wednesday, Senator Quinton Ross (proud Nubian brother) accused Lt. Governor Kay Ivey (Chalky woman) of being "almost racist" in the way she chose to recognize speakers in the Senate.

I can hear you nit-picking chalky-lovers saying: "Almost racist? How exactly does someone defend against a charge of 'almost' racism? That's like saying someone's behavior is 'almost' satanism...or 'almost' pedophilia...or 'almost' bestiality."

And your point is? "Almost racist" is just as easy to define as your other hypothetical almosts.
For example...

- Almost satanist is a good way to describe the pagan beliefs of pre-Christian Europeans.
- Almost pedophilia is a good way to describe the Western preference for shaved underarms and legs on their oppressed women.
- Almost bestiality is a good way to describe White people paying $2,000 on a new hip for their schnauzer.
- Almost racist is a good way to describe White people whenever they disagree with a black person for whatever reason.

Simple, isn't it?

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