Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dangers of Radioactive Squirrel Repellents

How far would you go to rid your garden or yard from vermin? Bell & Howell present the Solar Animal Repeller, a solar powered ultrasonic sound emitter they claim "Drives Pests Away!" and "Keeps Them Away!" I don't claim to know whether or not this contraption will keep raccoons from chewing on used condoms in your garbage, or keep squirrels from unloading their nuts next to your succulents.However, I spotted something in the advertisement for this product that made me very concerned.

Watch the ad at 1:11, "Now there is no need for cruel traps, or dangerous toxic poisons to keep pests away."
Isn't that the symbol for radioactivity?
That guy must REALLY hate chipmunks. What, is he Osama bin Laden's gardener? Is he waging jihad on the neighbor's dog with a dirty bomb planted beneath the daffodils?

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